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TimeLive Web Web Timesheet
Integrated web timesheet in both ondemand and On-premises version
Employee Attendance Employee Attendance
Single tool to monitor employee attendance, off days, vacation, leave
Expense Tracking Expense Management
Integrated module to record, track and monitor project expenses
Project Management Project Management
Integrated module to manage your projects, tasks within same integrated tool.
Time Tracking Software On-Premises TimeLive
Windows based installable on server and local system
OnDemand OnDemand time and expense
Web based fully hosted solution (ASP Based)  
On-premises On-premises timesheet
Fully downloadable on local server or individual system for single user.
Online timesheet Online timesheet
Expert technical support at any hour via email.
Web based TimeLive Web timesheet
Both downloadable version and hosted version can be setup instantly.
Email Notification Email Notification
Notification of events / reports via email in order to update users without signing in system
Free Trial Free Trial Time Tracking
Fully Team based collaboration suite
Time and Billing Time and Billing
Fully managed project time and expense billing.
Money Back Guarantee Time tracker
100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back
Customizable Customizable Timesheet
Customer can request their personalized customization.

TimeLive Web Enterprise Version:: Source code

TimeLive Source Code now includes:

. TimeLive Web unlimited users license: there is no limit to the number of users in your TimeLive system.
. Complete source code: you are allowed to make any modifications add or remove features, create web services, connect to third party's systems.

More about TimeLive Source Code:

About the product architecture
Technology / 3rd Party Control Used:
  1. Microsoft ASP.Net 4
  2. Microsoft Ajax 1.0
  3. Visual Basic .Net
  4. Visual Studio 2010 (Visual Studio 2010 Express edition is available free)
  5. Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2012 database
  6. E-World UI – Free controls (2.0.6)
  7. XtraReports Suite (  (No license required)
    (For creating new reports and customizing existing reports, end users doesn't require any seperate XtraReport license. TimeLive is using XtraReport runtimes library for generating reports. End-User can creates new reports using TimeLive own report designer available in TimeLive)
  8. Quick License Manager ( (No license required)
  9. Download and install “Web Deployment Project” 
  10. Smart Mass Emailing (Free email sending framework)
  11. FileHelpers v 2.0  (Free framework for CSV Import/Export)
  12. Download Source Code Introduction document
  13. Download TimeLive Database ERD (Visio requried)
High Level Architecture:
TimeLive design is based on a 3-layer architecture. The three layers that TimeLive consists of are the following:
  • Presentation Layer
  • Business Layer
  • Data Layer

  • Presentation Layer
    Presentation Layer is the top layer that takes care of presenting Business Data to users and offering a way to manipulate this data, to perform Business Processes. This is the only layer that contains information about the specific technology used to create the user interface (for example, web controls that can be rendered to standard HTML, or standard Windows controls that result in a desktop application).
  • Business Layer
    Business Layer is the middle layer. This is where Business Processes, Business Rules and Business Logic are implemented and where all Business Data is defined. Functionality of this layer is mainly used from the Presentation Layer.
  • Data Layer:  TimeLive using [Typed Dataset] as data transfer object (DTO)
    Data Layer is the bottom layer. Its purpose is to manage the data storage and provide the upper layers with the ability to store and retrieve data. Functionality of Data Layer is mainly used from the Business Layer. TimeLive is a Microsoft .NET 2 based product written in VB.Net. Minimum requirements are Windows 2000 with IIS 5 and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or later.
Code Path:
  1. Typed dataset xsd : App_Code\XSD\TimeLiveDataSet.xsd
  2. Business layer classes : App_Code\BLL
  3. Providers implementation classes (membership, role, sitemap) : App_Code\CustomProviders
  4. Web.config : root
  5. Database path (SQL Server 2008 Express) : App_Data\TimeLive_Data.MDF
  6. Reports file path : ~/Reports
  7. Report filter controls path : ~/Reports/ControlsFilter
  8. Report Viewer control path : ~/Reports/ControlsViewer
  9. Reports Pages : ~/Reports/*.aspx
  10. Master pages path : ~/Master/
Quick Start:
  1. Download and install Eworld UI 2.0.6.
  2. Download and install "Web Deployment Project"
  3. Extract source code in any folder.
  4. Launch timelive solution file "TimeLive.sln" 
  5. Click on start button in Visual Studio to launch TimeLive from source code.
  6. Fill system configuration page and then click on update. 
  7. Fill account add form and click on add to add a new account.
  8. Click on "Go to login page" to navigate to login page. 
  9. Login with email id and password which you just register in timelive.
FAQ about the source code:
  1. Can I deploy my own customized version of TimeLive to my othe customers?
    TimeLive web source code comes with one single enterprise license.  It means,  you can deploy your own customized version to only single customer after purchasing TimeLive source code product.   For deploying it to more than one customer, you are required to purchase TimeLive Enterprise license (US$ 300) for each of those additional customers.

  2.  Can I rebrand TimeLive  deploy my own customized version of TimeLive to my othe customers?
    Rebranding means assigning the entire right to the product to your company a non-exclusive basis. You would be able to market this TimeLive product under your own trademark as if it is software developed by your company.   For this, you should purchase TimeLive rebranding rights from Livetecs website. 

  3. Do we get support when we encounter problem or issue when working with the source code?
    We typically do provide support for source code. This means, you can send your questions and we will do our best to help out, but please note we are not obligated by the license agreement to help with programming issues which are not specifically related to TimeLive. We deliver the complete source code and you are allowed to make any modifications: create web services, connect to third party's systems, add or remove features.

  4. What about newer versions of the source code?
    You will be able to download those updates as available from our web site.

  5. Where can I find the source code license agreement?
    Source Code License Agreement (Without Rebranding rights)
    Source Code License Agreement (With Rebranding and Redistribution rights)

  6. Are there third party licenses that we have to purchase separately?
    All 3rd party controls which are being used in TimeLive are either free or doesn't require any design time license. 


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