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ADP Time Tracking with Livetecs

Improve your entire procedure of payroll with our ADP time tracking software

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Enhance Your Payroll with our ADP Time Tracking Software

Boost your payroll process by integrating our free ADP time tracking and reporting software. Our software allows you to track time from any device, run time audits, and transfer employee hours seamlessly into ADP. Simplify your payroll workflow and improve efficiency with our advanced time tracking features.

How to Run ADP Payroll with Our Software?

Step 1: Track Work and Billable Hours

– Let your team track time via a timer, timesheet, or kiosk. Set billable rates for team members and projects to determine how much they should be paid.

– Import previously tracked hours into our software and retain all recorded time, projects, clients, users, and tags.

Step 2: Manage Time Off & Schedules

– Create absence policies, approve time off, and track accruals and time off balance directly in our ADP time tracking software.

– Complete your employee database with custom user fields and create attendance-based schedules.

Step 3: Track Expenses & Costs

– Track expenses and attach receipts. Set hourly rates and get a detailed breakdown of your activities and incurred costs.

– Monitor expenses and identify which projects and tasks consume most of your resources.

Step 4: Export Data to ADP for Payroll

– Filter reports by team or individual to export billable hours or expenses.

– Export data in PDF, Excel, or CSV format for easy import to launch your ADP payroll.

What Our Software Adds to ADP Payroll

Approve and Lock Timesheets

Review, approve, and lock timesheets to maintain data integrity before payroll processing.

Control Overtime Work

Monitor daily work hours, breaks, and overtime for better payroll control.

Keep Payroll Data Accurate

Use required fields to prevent incomplete or incorrect time logs. Run time audits and export exact data.

How Our Software Benefits for Your Business?

  • Super Simple and Efficient Timekeeping: No installation needed and setup takes less than a minute.
  • Simple Interface: Navigate easily through a clean, organized workspace.
  • Offline Mode: Track time offline on mobile or desktop and sync data later.
  • Low Cost: Start for free and upgrade starting from just $3.99 per user.
  • Manager Role: Delegate work to team and project managers.
  • 24/7 Support: Contact us via email, chat, or phone with a 1-hour response time.

Streamline your payroll process and improve efficiency with seamless integration with ADP time tracking software. Get started for free today.

Improves your team's productivity and conveniently manage all your work timelines

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