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Attendance Tracker by Livetecs

Attendance management is no more a hassle with our attendance tracker.

No credit card is required and you have unlimited time on the Free plan.

Manage Employee Attendance with Ease

Introducing you our cutting-edge free attendance tracker that helps you easily track employee work time and attendance. From seeing who was present and for how long to tracking what they worked on, our attendance management system provides a comprehensive and user-friendly approach to employee management.

Key Features

Clock-In and Clock-Out System

Employees can clock in and out via web, desktop, or mobile apps, or by using a kiosk on a shared device.

Timesheet Auto-Fill

Simplify time tracking with automatically filled timesheets based on logged activities.

Payroll and Budget Tracking

Monitor and manage payroll and budget allocations efficiently based on recorded time.

Billable Hours Tracking

Keep track of billable hours for accurate client billing and project management.

PTO Management

Manage paid time off with an integrated PTO tracking system.

How to Track Employee Attendance in our Attendance Tracker?

Follow these easy steps to start documenting your team’s activity hassle-free.

Create an Account

Sign up for free to begin documenting your team’s attendance in our attendance software.

Invite Your Team

Form teams by sending email invitations to the people you want in your workspace. Assign roles and responsibilities within the team.

Track Attendance

Form teams by sending email invitations to the people you want in your workspace. Assign roles and responsibilities within the team.

Monitor Team Activity

The Team Dashboard displays your team’s current activities, including who is working on what, their last activity, and a visual breakdown of their workweek.

Check Employee Hours in Reports

View your team’s logged time in attendance reports, including start, end, break, and overtime.

Export Reports

Filter and export data as PDF, Excel, or CSV for your specific needs.

Additional Uses of our Attendance Tracker

Student Attendance

Track and record student attendance for better insights into absences, projects, and total time spent in classes.

Event Attendance

Track presence at various events to better understand your audience and create reliable event budgets.

Non-Profit Organizations

Use our attendance tracker to track time and attendance for hourly workers, enhancing transparency and communication.

Church Attendance

Monitor church group attendance to understand involvement and contribution levels of each member.

Improves your team's productivity and conveniently manage all your work timelines

Sign up for free. No credit card required.