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Automatic Time Tracker by Livetecs

Monitor time easily with our automatic time tracker.

No credit card is required and you have unlimited time on the Free plan.

Smoothly Track Time Across Apps, Websites, and Documents with our Automatic Time Tracker

Our automated time tracker lets you monitor and record the time you spend on various apps, websites, and documents. With this powerful tool, you can create accurate timesheets based on your daily activity, providing you with a detailed review of your productivity and time usage.

Key Features

Automatic Time Tracking

Our automatic time tracker seamlessly tracks your activity across apps and websites, giving you a clear picture of how your time is spent.

Detailed Productivity Timeline

View a timeline of your activity to understand where you spend your time and identify opportunities for improvement.

Flexible Categorization

Save and categorize time based on tracked activities to organize your work effectively.

Privacy and Control

All tracked activities are saved locally on your computer and visible only to you. Share data online only when you choose to create time entries.

Generate Reports

Run reports to break down your data by project and date, set billable rates, and export your data as PDF, Excel, or CSV.

Shareable Reports

Save reports and share them with clients through a link, allowing them to track your costs in real-time.

How to Use Our Automatic Time Tracker?

Follow these easy steps to start tracking your time automatically with our automated time tracker.

Create an Account

Sign up for free to begin tracking your activity automatically.

Download the Desktop App

Install the desktop app (Windows, Linux, or Mac) to access the background auto-tracking feature.

Enable Automatic Tracker

Log in to the app, open the automatic tracker, and start recording. Our automatic time tracker will track active programs and websites you use.

Monitor Your Productivity Timeline

Track activities of 10 minutes or longer to view a clear timeline of your productivity. Switch between apps seamlessly without gaps in your timesheet.

Save and Categorize Time

Create time entries based on your tracked activities and categorize them as needed.

Run Reports Online

Access the web version to review your time entries, analyze data by project and date, and export reports for your records.

Sign up for out automatic time tracker today to experience the benefits of automatic time tracking. Start tracking your activity and create accurate timesheets to optimize your work and client billing.

Improves your team's productivity and conveniently manage all your work timelines

Sign up for free. No credit card required.