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5 Major Work Trends – What to Expect in 2019

As the year 2018 came to an end, so did people’s goals and plans. Some enter the new year with new ideas, while others choose to see what time brings for them. Some of the reforms may take a while, but most of them take time. The very happens in the business world. Various phenomena are occurring over the years, and those most important are remembered by the year they arrived in. What will 2019 be like for the business world?

Admittedly, the developments in the business world don’t appear in a snap of a finger. They take time to appear, and some are visible throughout a lot of years. So unlike our new year’s objects, trends in work don’t change or vanish suddenly. They tend to emerge and adjust to the prevailing events of the world.

What can we expect in 2019? How will work change? What are the experts’ predictions? Here are the five work trends that will proceed to grow. Make sure to read them to enter 2019 with transparent objects and to always stay on top!

  1. Time and work management

Another year passed that reminded us of the truth that so does time. People try different methods directed at saving time to squeeze as a lot of tasks and activities into the 24 hour day. And this trend is evident in many workplaces.

Time & work management prevails to be popular because it tremendously enhances work. It’s worth to invest in specialized tools like time tracking software, project management software, planning, & scheduling apps, etc. They can be adapted to the style of work, profession, and business type. You can alter their features and desegregate them with other tools for a more effective job.

  1. Technology continues to expand

Although technological advancement has been occurring for ages, its influence is evident now more than ever. Voice search, improvement of machine learning algorithms, IoT, and progression of software enable faster work, mechanization of repetitive tasks, and advances many processes.

This work trend will proceed to grow and influence nearly every business sector. It’s worth to keep an eye on it, mainly if you count on technology in your work.

  1. Remote work is on the rise

As it had been in 2018, remote work will proceed to be more and more prevalent in 2019 and studies and observations reveal it – around 50% of the US workforce are remote workers.

It is no longer regarded as a right but becomes a trend. Many organizations already count on remote workers whose professionalism & experience are essential. The small change in this work trend, however, may concern those who don’t specialize. Employers prefer to hire specialists committed to their work and reliable rather than those who tend to normalize their skills.

  1. Cloud services keep growing

More and more businesses choose to use cloud services. They enable organizations to store huge information in a secure place, are easily accessible, and desegregate with other tools, apps, and devices, which makes it simple to operate in different environments.

This work trend is part of technological advancement and development and will proceed to grow.

  1. Data policy

Since the  GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) law of EU  introduction, the privacy policy has changed. Although the law has changed European systems, it’s also influenced other countries.

Many businesses, companies, and startups will have to accept the GDPR policy to be able to give services and products to consumers and users in the European Union.

Alma Reed is an author and researcher dedicated to enhancing productivity. He is deeply interested in areas like time management, increasing productivity, and fostering healthy routines. Through his writing, he aims to assist people in boosting their job performance and attaining an ideal balance between work and life.

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