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5 Must-Know Time Management Tips for Marketers

Marketing is a business that needs determination, a base to perform to, and enough analysis to assure you persistently appeal to the base. All this can take so much of your time. So it’s wise to always try to spot ways to streamline your work. Having a routine in place can largely overcome repetitive waste of time. And, it can give a keener understanding of how your projects are progressing.

What follows is a collection of plans for performing your daily (and long-term) marketing jobs while saving time and reducing waste.

  1. Moderate Your Social Connections

Surely, failing to utilize social media and its different platforms is a slip for marketers. You require them. Exposure by checking profiles/accounts in places concerning to your market enables for a more specific effort, greater publicity for your brand, and more possibilities to connect with your targeted audience undeviatingly.

However, too many hours spent on social media and in the usage of communication tools like email can negatively affect performance.

majority of the best marketers out there restrict the number of times they use social media and email per day. Often, this means checking once in the morning and once before you close the business day. This can lessen the amount of time misused by checking your accounts various times throughout the day and the time wasted to task switching.

  1. Use Content and Social Media Calendar and Scheduling Tools

Making a schedule has always been a fabulous way to organize. However, it can feel tiring and as though you’re giving a lot of time setting it up, spending this time upfront can preserve you time in the end. And fairly, there’s really no reason not to with the number of services and apps available to help like Trello, Evernote, Basecamp, Asana and even Google Calendar.

Your company methods should be connected to your social accounts. Notifications provide for the quickest reply, and there are several ways to interconnect the apps you use, such as the very powerful IFTTT.

  1. Keep Research and Development a Priority

Studying and making content ideas in advance and in bulk proffers you the chance to better out the work and keep it up to date. It also enables you to assess your requirements and strategy accordingly. Research is one of the more time-taking features of marketing. But news aggregators like Feedly provide you the facility to keep up with the hottest news in your field via related articles. This serves as an exceptional source of idea propagation as well.

Development of your targeted market may be time-taking, but it is well deserving of the effort. Yes, you’ll require to spend more time upfront to build suitable ideas, views, and outreach timeliness for a few months, but that implies you won’t have to give time to those tasks for several weeks. Also, you then have the privilege of refined research at your fingertips to better guide your schedule. Spending in a comprehensive time tracker can also help you adhere to deadlines and allow you to know where you are in some processes and projects.

  1. Use a Messaging App Instead of Email

An advice for more effective communication is to get sufficient with instant message services. Having the most instant way to respond and be informed of communication is definitely key. Email is still formally significant, but instant message has an edge. Various companies opt for using services like Slack or Teamwork Chat to be connected throughout the workday.

  1. Delegate Tasks

Identifying when it’s time to give the reins to somebody else is essential for successfully driving a marketing campaign. For example, delegating jobs like blog writing, social media posts, and press release writing can save you a heck of time each day. And it furnishes you greater likelihoods to focus on the preparation stages of marketing. That whole operation on your business rather than in your market thing.


The end of the track will always have one thing true: time management saves in all phases of life. As for marketing, better managing your time determines more time available for jobs that can develop your business. And that’s well worth the primary investment.

Alma Reed is an author and researcher dedicated to enhancing productivity. She is deeply interested in areas such as time management, increasing productivity, and fostering healthy routines. Through her writing, she aims to assist people in boosting their job performance and attaining an ideal balance between work and life.

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