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5 Resolutions to Boost Your Business in 2018

Did you spend the past couple of weeks of 2017 hectically working to meet customer deadlines, compulsively checking your bank balance, and anxiously questioning where your next job would come from? Whichever side of the self-employed spectrum you befall on, these five resolutions will assist you to grow a stronger business in this year.

  1. Get Paid More

Is it time to increase your prices? The commencement of the year is a natural time to raise your rates, and several clients expect annual increases (even if they don’t welcome them). If you think like you’re working longer and more extended hours but not getting a relevant return, try tracking tools to track your time better to see if you’re undercharging. Evaluate your records, and if you notice you’re consistently miscalculating how long projects take, make modifications more.

A program like mobile time tracking allows you track what you’re serving on with a simple tap on your smartphone, whether you’re in your workplace, at home, or at a client’s place. Some time tracking solutions, like TimeLive, accurately track your time even when you’re offline!

  1. Get Paid Faster

I’ve yet to see a self-employed person who relishes bookkeeping and invoicing, but these jobs are necessary for keeping the cash rolling. Unless customers specifically request you to invoice them monthly or quarterly, make it a practice to invoice them as soon the delivery is made. And that becomes handy when you employ a time tracking tool that integrates with accounting records.

  1. Improve Networking

Do you have a habit of only networking online and never leaving your workplace? Do you prefer the very two networking meetings per month and talk to the regular three people? If you are in a course, your business will deteriorate, too. Swing it up in 2018.

Look out for at least one different networking group you think will assist you to grow your business. In your tried-and-true networking organizations, move it up! Set an object to introduce yourself to three new characters per meeting. Or take on an administration role that will push you to interact more with others.

  1. Update Your Website

If you last updated your business website a year ago, give it an apt review. Is your customer list current? How about client testimonials? Does your profile of work truly describe your current goals and dispense you at your best?

Maybe your website just seems outdated. Hire a local website designer to proffer it a makeover. While you’re at it, renew your social media pages, images, and headshots for this year.

  1. Add a New Skill to Your Repertory

Would acquiring how to code, shoot and edit video, create prototypes, or some other experience help you give more services to your clients? Pick one skill that would have the most goods for your business and sign up for an online or in-person session about it. No time for to invest?

Another idea to grow your business offerings is to partner with freelancers who offer services that complement your business. For instance, a website designer could team up with a professional photographer to provide customers with original photography for their websites.

Alma Reed is an author and researcher dedicated to enhancing productivity. He is deeply interested in areas like time management, increasing productivity, and fostering healthy routines. Through his writing, he aims to assist people in boosting their job performance and attaining an ideal balance between work and life.

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