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web based appA good software house working almost all the time in order to develop the new software for improving the world around. They are working in teams so your resultant product could meet the standards of the markets. Collaboration with the work and counting of this hours invested, by individual allies, becomes difficult and hectic from time to time. Software Engineers feel really stressed in managing some time consumed during the development course of action. A great solution for them would be the introduction of TimeLive, by LiveTecs.

Web Availability and Working of Timelive

It is a web-based application designed for iPhone and Android users to be able to complete the task within this specified time. This application helps amazingly from the communication of task-related information with the other team members with simplicity. As the application is online so no extra installing of the software is required along with the interface is user-friendly which doesn’t demand any extra time for learning it. Due to this feature some time sheet of the project can be accessed by any team member with the facility to the suitable place.

budget managementExpense Tracking and Budget Management

When working on any software package product the budget is defined before the start of the project, by the client. Budget management and negotiation with the members of the project team can be done with the aid of timesheet online. The extra time wasted in case there is budgeting on paper can become saved. Moreover, the approval of the budget from your members is also done at TimeLive in no time. Different currencies are supported as per the region with the software development team and appropriate taxation will also be done easily online.

Timelive as Time Management

The working capacity of these project members is increased with a check on their accomplishments, from your software engineer or team brings. They can definitely make use of TimeLive as the time can be recorded for every individual working on the challenge. The time can be entered in a very manner as required by this project team manager. Customized input almost daily is also accepted as per your needs of the project. Required validations will also be offered for the desired administrators. Time is money and can surely be saved with all the feature of Time Tracking throughout TimeLive.

Time off Tracking

The members who are unavailable for a specific stretch of time can update their status before becoming unavailable by means of the feature of Time Away tracking of TimeLive. Meeting deadlines would be easy this way by avoiding emergency situations. The intimation such as email notification is also sent to the project leader if he cannot connect to TimeLive. With the help of this feature, the pay summary of the employee is generated precisely. This feature is also very useful in generating the invoice for the customer.

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