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Assignment of Various Roles


Every organization has employees working on various tasks and projects with different nature of roles and responsibilities and earning different amounts of money. A proper management of all the employees can be so hectic and time-demanding for the higher authorities. Livetecs through its employee management application, Timelive, has made it so straightforward for organizations to manage their employees and keep an eye on the tasks assigned to them and track their performance and activities within a few simple clicks. Timelive has different profiles and roles options for companies that take up various employees with different nature of roles ranks.

Administrative Roles for Higher Management

The Administrator role is the one who holds all the rights and a full control over all other profiles within Timelive application. A complete organizational setup is mad through admin account. Admin can view and evaluate each employee’s performance at any time and on top of it he can also add new projects and allocate managers. Admin holds the power to define a team of people knowing their skills and expertise as suitable and required for a specific project.

Assigning Privileges to Managers

After admin, comes the manager’s role that is privileged to manage and handle reports generation and take actions on employee timesheets and assign further tasks to enhance the work environment. Whenever an employee submits a time-off request, it is the manager who will accept or deny taking in the situation to avoid any hindrance in organizational performance.


Roles for Employees and Contractors

After admin and manager, come employees who can only view or access the information as allowed by the managers. Using Timelive they can easily communicate with the upper authority. They can also access the audit reports to become familiar of the changes made to the report earlier so they can handle it further accordingly. When they submit timesheet for manager’s approval, they get notified through email whenever an action is taken on it. Besides, a range of other features and reports are accessible by the employees.

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