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Assignment of Various Roles

project developmentThere are different types of users and employees within the organization working on various positions and roles with multiple salary options for them. Management of employees with such a different nature could be very hectic by the authorities and could cost them large amounts. While doing the management, the budget for the organization can be ruined and project development could not remain possible for the company. Livetecs introduced the employee management application named TimeLive for the leading business organizations that are facing difficulties while maintaining the employees. There are different profiles and roles that are defined for the company employees working on multiple posts and positions in the organization.

Administrative Roles for Higher Management

Administrator of the organization is the most powerful person and is given the most rights and almost all the rights in the profile of the TimeLive application. The entire setup for the organization is done on the admin account to the locations, departments and employees enrolled in the company. The administrator has the right to view the performance of all the employees listed in the organizations. The new projects in the organization along with the names of the managers who are assigned the projects are managed by the admin of the organization. The team for the project accomplishment is also defined by the admin as they know well about the skills and abilities of employees.

Assignment of Various Roles to Employees - Heading2Assigning Privileges to Managers

Managers are privileged with some other specific roles with which they can create the reports and approve the timesheets of the employees so that the work of the team can be sped up by effective communication. They can assign some specific tasks to other employees in the team of the project development. Approvals for the expense sheets are also the job for managers if they did not specified the role for a team lead to approving the sheets. A manager can view the request of the time off for employees and can assess whether the employee could be granted the leave without affecting the performance of the organizations.

Roles for Employees and Contractors

Employees are granted with minimum roles so they can access only the information which the managers require them to view. They can coordinate with the higher authorities using the TimeLive application. They are provided the option for adding and updating the timesheets for the specified interval in the application. Employees can view the audit report for viewing the changes made in the expense sheets and timesheets in order to get coped with previous information if they require that. The managers can submit the expense sheets and timesheets to the managers for approvals and are notified when the submitted file is approved or rejected by the managers. Multiple reports can be used by the employee in order to assess their performance in the organization.

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