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Billing and Invoices for Clients


Satisfied customers demonstrate a company’s qualities & strengths. But how can one get and retain such customers? Through proper billing & invoicing!
Yes the task is the most complicated and the one which needs complete attention and focus. These reports facilitate in appraising the profit of organization for particular project. Timelive web based application has made this process plainly easy and trouble-free.

Project Expense Report for Clients:

Project expense report is customizable from beginning to end. Within the “Detail Project Expense Report” the drop down menu presets a list of employees from where a particular employee can be chosen for whom the report is to be generated. Same is the process when selecting the relevant client. From the given parameters, the expense and currency type and relevant department name can be selected. Whether the report is billable, approved or submitted can also be chosen as per the situation.

Timesheet Report of Complete Company:

With the help of Timelive, any organization can generate timesheet reports of any registered project in any department of the company regardless of their location. Project work time can also be altered for customized reports of the projects that require overtime, standard time or any kind of travel. If a particular timesheet period is needed, it can be done. If company logo at the top of the report is required, that can also be done. All customization options are available within this helpful application.



Summary Report for Invoice and Billing Report:

For everyone’s ease, invoicing and billing can be generated in the form of a report. This can be done by clicking the tab “Invoice Summary Report”. Dates and time can be changed and altered as needed. Whether the project report is paid, unpaid or both, the option to create all type of report is all there within Timelive application. To make users feel at home, the app provides all option to change the report design, logo, name, style, header and footer as per the company’s rules and regulations.

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