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Billing and Invoices for Clients

invoice and billing reportBilling and invoicing to the client is the job which requires extreme care and attention as the reputation of the company is based on satisfied customers. The customers are satisfied if they require proper services inadequate amount of budget and bills. The reports about the billing of customers and clients help in assessing the income and profit for the organization for a particular project. TimeLive application is very beneficial in this regard as it could be used by the managers to view the performance of the employees on projects assigned.

Project Expense Report for Clients:

In the project expense report, there are various parameters which could be set as per the needs of the report. The employee for whom the report is to be generated is selected from the list of the drop down menu in the option for ‘Detail Project Expense Report’ in order to view the report for a particular employee. The client whose project’s expense report is required to the management can opt from the list of all clients of the organization. The expense type, name and department in which the expense is incurred during the execution of the project can also be selected from the provided parameters. Moreover, the base currency of the expense can be changed in this feature. In the report, all the expenses, whether to be approved, billable and submitted, can be selected as per the requirements of the project.

Billing reportTimesheet Report of Complete Company:

The company can generate the report of the timesheets for all the projects that are being enrolled in whichever department and wherever the location of the company. The work time of the projects can be changed for customized report in order to generate the report for the project that require overtime, standard time or are travel projects. The report can be generated in detail as well as consolidated form. The option for searching some particular timesheet period is present at the top of the report and the company defined logo at the top of the report can be inserted for authenticity. The report can be exported to the computer’s disk in the format needed by the managers and authorities (pdf, image, .Xls, etc.).

Summary Report for Invoice and Billing Report:

The invoice of the clients can also be given the shape of the report for the ease and convenience of the managers and clients. The client can be selected from the list or for all the employees the report is created by pressing a single button on click on the option of ‘Invoice Summary Report’. The date range parameter for the specific time interval can be entered easily in the calendar options. Customized report for the projects that are paid, unpaid or for both can be created simply using the TimeLive web based application. The design of the report can be transformed into the organization’s needs. The header, footer and icon for the report can be uploaded as per the company’s policies.

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