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Billing and Reports Generation

billing and invoiceSatisfaction of clients has a great impact on the reputation of the company. That is why the time billing and invoicing of the customers is very important and difficult task. The billing and invoicing should be done with great precaution and care. The customers should be provided with proper services and the invoice for the customers should be detailed and precise. The budget of the project and the bill charged should be fair. The assessment of profit and outcome of the organization is done by the reports generation regarding the customers. Timelive software of Livetecs is the best option for this purpose.

Expense Tracking and Expense Reports

Expense tracking is performed with no difficulty using Timelive. The expense sheet is generated for the management of expenses taking place during the time period of the project. After the proper management and organizing of the expenses, expense report is generated which allows the higher authorities to monitor the progress and activities during the accomplishment of the task. The report can be mould into the figure of requirement and essential changes can be made in the final report as a per will. The employee name can be selected from the mentioned field. The detail related to the expense can also be entered, for example, the type of the expense, time of expense, name of the client and project on which the expense is made. The expenses can be entered in multiple currencies. An option is available that allows the separation of billable and non-billable entries of the expenses.

timesheet reportTimesheet Reports using Timelive

With the help of the software, different timesheet are created that represent different projects. Timesheet provides the information of the time spent by the employees on the project or how much does it take to complete the project. The timesheet reports are also generated using this software. As we all know that multiple projects run in a company at the same time. Reports are generated from each project individually and every timesheet contains its own report. The time spent on the project can be altered for such projects that require overtime or are travelling projects. If the time duration of a project is known the specific report could be searched from the option available on the top left column. The detailed reports are generated regarding the expenses and timesheet. Placing the logo on the top of the report is optional but it makes the report authentic.

Reports referred to Billing and Invoicing of the Customers

All types of reports are generated using Timelive software. The billing and invoicing of the clients can also be described in the shape of a report and sent to the managers. With the help of the reports, it is very easy to understand the billing and invoicing for the managers and the clients. The reports are generated in a few minutes by pressing a few buttons. It is very simple. No technical information is required to operate the software.

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