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Business Rapid Progress

online applicationBusinesses are rapidly transforming them from the manual way of handling things to a computerized method to reduce the time required to complete the job while meeting the quality standards defined by the customers. This could be astonishing for the customer to get the desired project accomplished in smaller time duration having the best quality. Organizations are therefore looking for the best software for the management of employees, time and expenses in the company so that the overall budget could also be maintained. Livetecs introduced the online application for this purpose named TimeLive having features distinguishing it from the market and generating the quality results.

Effective Management with Professional Application

TimeLive is no doubt a really professional and highly features tool for the management of expenses and time of employees. With the effective management of the tool, the company can increase the productivity of the employees by diverting their focus on achievement of goals not in the recording and calculation of timesheets and expenses. The entire operations of the business are handled in a systematic way so that in the finishing phases of the project it might not face any delays or integration problems. All the business affairs are handled in rather a quick manner so the productivity and professionalism are increased among the employees. The features of the online application allow the customers to enjoy more services from competitors.

multilingualUser-Friendly Interfaces

The most demanded feature for such a business tool is the ease and convenience of use from various different typed of employees. TimeLive has a very interactive interface for the users and provides the opportunity of customizing it to specific needs and accessibility. Every employee no matter at which post he/she is working on can use the application if has a knowledge about the business domain. Employees can use the application on various different platforms by just logging into the account and there are no boundaries for the use as it is online and can be accessed from anywhere around the world. Another feature of the user-friendly experience is the multi-lingual functionality so that users can deal with it in their required language.

Increase in the Profit and Production

The monitoring of various aspects of the business using the TimeLive application can increase the profit an organization makes. All the resources are monitored by the manager easily and one can assess which things are required and which could be avoided to maintain the profitability and increasing the salaries of the employee by reducing the expenses and amount used for time delays. The automatic invoice creation using the application for the clients is easy and removes all kinds of calculative or recording errors and generates accurate invoice which are to be billed to the client. Reporting and analytic features allow to view the performance reports of employees.

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