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Catering Diverse Requirements

requirement of businessLeading software houses are dealing with number of software that are being developed within the organization in order to create huge businesses and make the name of the organization by delivering quality products on time. Leading organizations are working with the principle of hourly employee payment as tasks and projects are being completed within the specified hours. It could sometimes become a crucial job for the managers to keep an eye on every employee in the company that whether he/she is present or not in order to perform the appropriate billing to employee.

Report Generation & Customization

Reports of the employee performance and organizational setup can be created with the web application from anywhere in the world. Any customized report can be generated with some clicks online within the application by providing the user defined formula fields for the report. The created reports could be viewed either in detail or consolidated view according to the demands of the business organization and software houses. In order to create more professional look of the report the logos for the company can be attached in the header and some specified text can be entered at the end of the report which could be the slogan or brief mission for the organization. The reports can be printed or exported to the system in order to send it to other linked applications or fulfilling some other demands for companies.

technology detailsApplication Supporting Business Needs

Customization of the application and making it ready to use within the organization is really a simple and convenient job for Administrator and it does not require the extensive knowledge of the technology and programmatic details, but the entire work is done in the interactive interface for the application. By pressing different buttons in the application, the entire setup of the organization and the records for various departments is stored in the TimeLive software for easy access. Moreover, if the customer requires some different options for the application then they can order with specific requirements which are integrated with the application of such technique that the original functioning of the application is not affected.

Integration of Best Business Applications & Tools

For the effective business management TimeLive is integrated with best services from other leading online timehseet software and best calculators for expenses and tax calculation. The tax options are defined within the application and user defined tax can also be entered manually by the employees in their expense sheets. The entire team of the company can be interconnected using the application and the mobile version of the software allows the management of employees and tasks while on the go. The invoices of the client can be created automatically by fetching the records from some specified filters for appropriate amounts. All the paperwork and manual effort are reduced during the project management in the business organizations.

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