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Characteristics and modifications of TimeLive

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1) Tracing of time:

TimeLive is an effective time tracking software for tracing and checking the work timings of the employee carried on the specific project. This time tracking software facilitates with various stages and accepts the ways for the timesheet. After the acceptance, the notification is sent to the employee through email as a reminder. This software is supportive in various kinds of inputs and deliver according to the choice and easiness of the organization. In the timesheet, records of daily, weekly, twice-in-a-week, monthly and twice in a month are maintained by the software.



2) Tracking of the expenditure:

It is the one of the main characteristics of TimeLive. This feature aids in managing the expenditures within the budget carried in various activities online. It helps in decreasing the work manually. Feature of expense tracking contains entry system where you can input all the expenses. It also accepts different currencies through the service of rate of exchange through history. There is also a feature of input of tax in the billing exit in different kinds of payments. The input can be edited which is entered by the user.

3) Debiting and Time Billing:

The core and advantageous attribute of TimeLive is debiting and time billing. This timesheet software helps in creating the bills of the customers through the clicks and helps in saving the time of the company. Its main requirements are just the time of billing and entries of the expenses. It provides the facility of billing to an appropriate customer. The amount to be paid to employees is made by the customers online using the feature of time billing. The inquiry of the payable and remaining amount is also created.



4) Marketing of open source:

Various options of licensing are presented by TimeLive. It is providing benefits to the organizations and individuals through source code in which the customization can be made. This makes the product more impressive. The software can be modified depending on the requirements. TimeLive can be purchased through agreement of ownership through which it can be sold to other customers. After buying of the source code, the customer can get all the rights of the product. The main features of the product are being discussed in the above paragraphs. Other main effective feature and its advantage is that the technology is always updated used in the software. All the latest tools and technologies are considered during the development of the application which is ASP.NET and in backend Microsoft SQL database is used. The algorithm used in the login menu makes it secure and protect from exterior attacks. It is safe, easy and beneficial to use the software for managing and observing the employees. Therefore, it progresses the results and increase the efficiency of the organization. It provides more reliability and effectiveness as compared to other similar products.

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