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Combination of Android and iOS in Mobile

Android and iOS

With the change and improvement in Mobile phone technology, various changes and diversities are being introduced, which makes the appliances or devices user-friendly. Google and Apple are now offering their Androids and iOS to support mobiles phones and tablets for the users. These are compatible and can be used at the extensive rate and these will be provided in the devices at the time of their launching.

Similar Features

In the new coming mobiles and tablets, the features of Android and iOS will be provided together to use the Google Play and Apple App Store. It is important to use Android in a new smartphone, as various mobile phone companies are already using this feature and now iOS is also being used to it. Android is Linux-based and it has open source and its interface along with basic features are made customizable from top to bottom. On the other side, iOS is used in only Apple smart phones like iPhone. Android gives the internet browsing on the Google chrome with an old version of Android browser and other browsers, which are available now. In the iOS feature, only mobile safari is available.

timesheet appCustomization

Android has a large number of customization and it can change almost anything. But iOS has the limited customization. With the combination of both features, the customization of anything will become easy and remarkable. Customization in this smartphone is wonderful as you can find various languages in it, which help to share information in different languages in the customized form.


As already mentioned that android is provided in various mobile phones and tablets like Samsung, HTC, Kindle Fire, Motorola, Sony, Nexus and many others while iOS is provided in the Apple’s phones like iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple TV. If these two features will be made available to the new coming smart phones, then the scope of their use will also be increased than many other smartphones.


Both features of the smart phones use the touch interface and they share a huge number of features like tapping, swiping and pinch and zoom. Both are used with the home screen, which looks like the computer desktop. In the iOS, the home screen has only rows of the icons of app. Android Gingerbread has the high crash rate, which is 1.7% if it is compared to other versions of android like Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich and KitKat, which has the crash rate of only 0.7%. iOS has the crash rate of 1.6%. Their phone versions of Android and iOS are stable than the tablet version.

In the Android, the users may face problem for not having the latest software updates but on the other side, iOS provides the latest software on their smartphones. Apple is of the opinion that they have the hardware capability for which the new features are not provided in an upgrade. The combination of both features in a smartphone or tablet will bring huge changes in the field of mobile phone technology.

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