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Commercial Open Source

Live TecsLiveTecs is reliable and licensed software; it provides you various types of licensing. The meaning of this is that after purchasing the source code you are permitted to modify the features or add any new features of your choice. It provides you the facility of creating web services and you can also connect to the third party software. One of the features of Time live is the reseller/ownership agreement. This agreement allows its customers to resell the software to their own customers. This feature of Time live makes it unique from other software.

Availability of source code

Most of the software do not provide source code. Time live is a unique software which offers you the source code. Once you have purchased this source code you have the complete solution which helps you to make changes in the features. You also have the right to deploy it at your own.

source code availabilityRights of rebranding source code

Time live software offers you the facility of rebranding the source code. The meaning of rebranding is that you can assign the whole right of the product to your own company. This is based non- exclusive.

Facility of ownership right transfer

The source code is offered to you with complete Ownership Rights Transfer. That is you have the right to sell the source code of Time live software.

Technical details

If you want to know about the technology and tools of the software you can visit the website of the LiveTecs software. Time live is developed in ASP.Net 4.0 along with Visual Studio 2010 compiler. The databases used in this software include Microsoft SQL. For more information about the technology of software and for more technical details you can visit the URL of the software whose link is given below

Licenses and agreements for source code

Time live provides you two rights if you purchase the source code of the software. One is the reselling right and the other is the ownership right. In the reselling agreement Time live software gives you the allowance of modifying the source code. You also have the right to rebrand the software. If you have got this license then you are eligible to change the LiveTecs software name to your own brand name. Now you have the right to sell this software to your own customers. But there is a restriction also. You cannot sell your branded software in terms of competing with Time live software. For example, you cannot sell your branded software online. There are other restrictions also. For more details, you can visit the URL below

In the ownership right you are allowed to modify the source code. You can also rebrand the software as it is owned by you. Now you can sell the rebranded software to anyone. There are no restrictions applied on such kind of license holder.

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