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Common Project Management Mistakes With Their Possible Solutions



Generally, it is normal to make mistakes while carrying out any task, but our silly mistakes can cause a big loss to our company. So every possible effort should be taken to avoid these mistakes. A lot of research shows how silly mistakes affect the overall performance, delays project deadlines and cause big bucks to the companies. 

50% of Project Management Offices (PMOs) close within just three years. 


More than two-thirds of all projects were not completed on time and within a budget over the past year. 


From the above statistics, it is clear that few mistakes can cause numerous problems for the companies. Employees and managers should get training to avoid such mishaps from occurring. 

Therefore, some common mistakes with their best solutions are listed below, to help organizations take effective measures to prevent any loss by these mistakes.


A qualified, skilled and experienced project manager should be hired. Most of the time, the project manager is responsible for the success and failure of the project. A project manager is considered the leader of the battle. He has to predict the probabilities of the risk when working on a project, encourage his workforce and manage resources. 

An inexperienced manager does not know how to empower his team, arrange meetings and create an appropriate project plan. Therefore, a project will surely undergo a big failure if handled by unskilled professionals. 

Solution: It is sensible to hire a project manager with a definite form of work and experience having expertise in accordance with the project requirements.


In our previous articles, we have discussed the importance of objectives and well-defined goals. It is clearly understood that one cannot build a strong structure on a weak foundation. Similarly, without clear goals and objectives, a project cannot be successful. 

Usually, setting goals and objectives is often overlooked and companies rush to execute the project as early as possible. As a result, more time is wasted and nothing can save your project from being doomed unless its goals are well- defined in the first place. 

Solution: In the initiation phase of project management, use the DUMB method that is, Doable, Understandable, Manageable and Beneficial to outline strong objectives and transfer it to team members. For a project to be successful, proper objectives and goals must be planned in the initial phase of project management. 


Sometimes, the project fails if there is no proper strategy or a clear structure. If your team is not following any plan or structure, things get easily messed up in no time. A project manager has to plan a proper method to make his team work on it. 

You need to have a straight road to reach the destined point. Therefore, a clear cut guideline is crucial for project accomplishment. 

Solution: While making a project plan, beware of the methodology being used. Choose according to specific project nature and demand. 

Also, selecting the right people at the right time is necessary. The manager should identify the strengths and weaknesses of his team member before coming up with any plan.


Improper use of resources tends to impact the probability of success in a big way. Sadly, most of the time, team members are chosen not due to their skills and experience but as per their availability. If the chosen team members aren’t well-casted, this puts the project in a jeopardy. 

Unfortunately, many organizations hire inexperienced and less skillful employees on low wages assuming it will save their money. Also, instead of choosing the expert staff for a certain task, they look only for the availability of staff which puts their project in jeopardy.  

This is why it is essential to appoint an experienced project manager that selects team participants sensibly who can bring desired outcomes productively and contribute to taking the project to a positive end. 

Solution: Generally, it is better to have 6 capable team members than having a bunch of unskilled staff.


It is always been said, “It is better to communicate than being silent assuming your staff handles everything as per your expectations.’’ Most of the timethe project does not fail because of improper planning or negligence of the staff, it fails due to lack of proper communication. Poor communication bring can arise great deal of problems. If a project manager is not delivering his expectations exactly, it is always impossible for the team to get over it. A team deserves to be well-informed of the decisions and expectations of the company in order to meet the deadlines easier and quickly. 

Solution: Communicate well with your team members either directly or indirectly, in written or verbally.  Clearly make them understand your expectations and goals. Tell them what do you want and how should they do it. Better communication and a friendly atmosphere keep your team tied in a loop and result in better productivity.


It is evident that working smart is way better than working hard. If an organization is not utilizing smart technology in this high-tech era, it will always one step away from achieving the best of its products.  

We have already discussed how important and helpful these project management tools are! So we should take advantage of it. 

The main purpose of using project management tools is to help managers plan, execute and control all aspects of the project management process. To improve the efficiency of resources at hand, project management tools are quite helpful if used in the right way. 

SolutionSelect the tool which is a power pack of all the necessary features that you may require. A variety of tools are available in the market to enhance the capabilities of your workforce and overall performance of the company.


In project management, lack of well-defined and uncontrollable scope brings a lot of disaster one after another. Scope creep is one of the main causes of project failure. A project manager should be vigilant from the beginning as he is responsible to manage project deliverables and costs at the very start. Otherwise, scope creep can derail the whole project if not controlled.

Solution: One way to dodge scope creep is to start involving investors in the scope designing process. Offer your analysis and ask for their proposals and recommendations as well. Keep them well informed in case of any alterations done in the project plan.


Encouraging and trusting your employees ensures better success. If a project manager is a control freak and does not trust his members, employees become rebellious and envious which affects their performances. Always encourage employees and put faith in them. 

No one likes to be treated like a puppet. Micromanaging always leads to poor outcomes. A good leader always gives a free hand while staying alert if anything goes wrong in any case. 

Solution: Create a positive and friendly environment for work. Trust and freedom are the two main factors necessary to encourage your workforce. Secondly, regular check-ins are necessary to observe if everyone is working in accordance with your expectations and requirements. 


Many times, a project manager does not evaluate the project after completion, maybe because of laziness or due to overconfidence. No matter how well-trained you are in managing projects and giving out the best products, there will always be room for perfection and more learning. So, review the project when it ends. It gives you many learning points that may help you in the upcoming tasks.

Solution: While reviewing the project, list the factors that caused you trouble and how you tackled them all. Also, look for the factors that work best for you. In this way, you can manage projects of similar nature in a more efficient manner.

Alma Reed is an author and researcher dedicated to enhancing productivity. She is deeply interested in areas such as time management, increasing productivity, and fostering healthy routines. Through her writing, she aims to assist people in boosting their job performance and attaining an ideal balance between work and life.

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