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Customized Option for Time Offs

Time Off OptionsOrganization’s most important and valuable assets are the employees working in the organization. The performance of the employees plays a key role in the business of the organization and its good reputation. Management of these employees sometimes become very hectic for the managers in the case of keeping the records of the time-offs and another different type of leaves. TimeLive allows the managers to define the policy for the time-offs of employees and all the different types of vacations can be added in the web application. The customization of the time-off policies can be easily done by clicking a few buttons of the application.

Organization Defined Requests of Time Offs:

The time-off request can be selected from the pre-defined leave options and also other options can be specified by selecting the option of ‘Other’ and writing the description appropriate to leaves. The managers and administrators can select the begin date and end date for the leave time interval according to the requirement and also the hours off can be added for employees working on an hourly basis. The application is smart enough and calculates the days off of the employee according to the hours or time interval added. By clicking the button of submit the request can be submitted.

employees statusRequest for the Time Offs is Simple

The TimeLive timesheet application is easy to use and understand as its interface is user-friendly and makes the user feel fun while using it. All options are present on the dashboard and one can easily toggle between the different options. Making requests for the time offs is also very simple and easy. By selecting the option of ‘My TimeOff’ on the ‘Dashboard’ one, can enter the feature for the requesting of time offs. By simply clicking the ‘Add time off request’ button, the manager can new requests of time offs for employees. In the next page, various parameters help in the calculation of time offs according to the specified criteria of time intervals and properties of the time off. The option for editing the requests and deleting of the request already approved is also available in order to cancel the request and bringing the status to previous. The time off status of leaves is available in the form of hours left from the work in the organization.

Multiple Time-Offs Options

The TimeLive application makes the management authorities select any kind of time-off. The options from which the organization can opt for is the ‘vacation’, ‘sick leave’, ‘Personal Leave’, ‘Training’, ‘holiday’ and other organization defined options by providing the description. The time off status is viewed by the application in the form of earned, consumed and available time-offs for employees. Appropriate values are present for user convenience to check whether the time-offs are available in the company or not. The time-off requests are approved by the managers and administrators on the daily basis to keep the employees updated with their status. The employees are notified via an email about any update in the system. For multiple languages option please click here

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