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Customizing Timesheet and Organization Needs

project planningOrganizations are these days dealing with various clients and projects at the same time so it becomes hectic for the manager to maintain the tasks in an efficient manner such that they can generate revenue for the company instead of delaying the delivery of projects which could prove to be loss for the company. In order to manage the employees and time of the company, the organizations are using the computer software for reducing the time and increasing productivity. Introduction of timesheet software is the huge advancement in the field of business management and project planning.

Organizational Setup for Company

On the dashboard, the ‘Admin Option’ button at the top right side of the page gives the control of customizing the multiple different aspects of the company to the administrator and this role is specific for the Admin or CEO of the company. The entire organizational setup, like the information on locations where the company is operating, and all the departments under the location, are listed to make the employees aware of different teams in the company. Different employees are allocated different roles so they can access some specific features and others are restricted to them. The setup of the application is done with the options available for the purpose and the preferences for the notifications can be changed and made relevant to the needs of the company.

Timesheet cuztomizationCustomizing the Setup for Timesheet

The timesheet features can be customized and the period type for that can be changed by pressing the button and required changes can be made by changing the starting date for the interval of the time supported by the application. The application supports the daily, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly timesheet for the employees as per their convenience and company policy. Within the timesheet, the holiday type for the employee can be specified that are supported by the company. Any updates in the holiday type can be made by pressing the button against the type. The cost center for the company can be created by adding the appropriate details and pressing the ‘Add’ button. Moreover, the company can delete some cost centers if not required.

Currency & Tax Options of the Application

The company can add the customized currency by selecting the option from the list and adding the relevant currency. Almost all the currencies of the world are supported by the application along with the exchange rates in order to calculate the exact amount of the bill either to employee or client. The base currency for the application can also be changed and the one from the created list could be selected by default. The tax codes, names, and formulas can be created and already created could be edited using the TimeLive application. The application is really helpful for the organization in real time environment.

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