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Easy to understand working procedure to work with the TimeLive

Procedure of TimeLive There are many software available in the markets that are offering the management of the employees and members of the project teams. The working methodologies are so technical that an expert professional is required for the maintenance of the Timesheet. Every organization cannot afford the extra support for the management. TimeLive is a software application introduced by LiveTecs does not require any extra support and every individual user can work on the system easily.

Login and Start Managing

Managing the jobs and projects on the application is so quick and easy that no additional expenses are required to make use of TimeLive. The implementation of the software in the organization is easy and rapid fast as it does not require any extra hardware or server to install. The software is web based so it does not require the installation of setups and heavy files in the system and hence the performance of the system is not affected. An organization does not need any extra budget for installation, support and maintenance of TimeLive.

online timesheetEasy to Understand

LiveTecs offers a complete tutorial video to understand how to utilize TimeLive to the best possible extent. ‘How to make use of the Time tracking and budget tracking’ is shown in the video to make the users aware of the technicalities of the application. The interface is user friendly and all the tasks are done by using the buttons and no commands and extra knowledge for technology is required. The dashboard helps in the maintenance of the jobs, projects, budgets and reports by just selecting the relevant field. Once the organization sets up TimeLive all the management of the employees, jobs and projects is the responsibility of the application.

Multiple Languages

An amazing thing that helps utilizing the software is the availability in various languages. Every individual and organization can make use of the software in the language they know and hence this increases the level of ease as no extra language is required to learn. A major drawback of such software is that they are not easily implemented on the system in the organization. TimeLive is present in all the major languages of the world and everyone can make use of it in the language of interest or of requirement.

Generate Reports in Minutes

The reports of the employee performance opposite to the job assigned to them can be generated very easily by just entering the formula to calculate the performance and clicking of the buttons. The charts and views of the jobs, projects and completed assignments can be designed by TimeLive within a few minutes and really easily. No technical support required to maintain the system as the experts are available to help the users online without any cost. So, a lot of cost can be saved while installing TimeLive and making the employees aware of the way to use it.

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