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TimeLive timesheet softwareThe completion of the projects is a great deal for the companies because the projects should be completed within the required time. In order to complete the project in the specific time, the organizations break the project into smaller tasks and then assign the tasks to different employees. In this way, the project is completed on time and a team of employees work on a specific project at the same time. The management of all the smaller tasks and timesheet of each employee working on the project individually is very difficult and time-consuming. Timelive is timesheet software that is developed by Livetecs in order to meet the management requirement of the organization.

Interconnection between the Factors of the Project

The software allows the user to update the status of the job or the project with respect to clients or the employees. Every aspect attached to the project is instantly notified when any changes take place in the project or the status. The software allows the user to manage the budget of the project and keep it within the boundary of the assigned budget. The software provides the feature of Cross Project Timesheet with the help of this feature the user can view the details of the employee working on different projects at the same time.

user friendly softwareUser-Friendly Simple Software

A vast range of timesheet software is available online. Such software is exhausting and only a technical person can utilize the services of such software. In order to learn the running of such software, any companies have to purchase the paid content that helps the organization to understand the working of such software. This is not the case while using Timelive. It is user-friendly software and very easy and simple to use. Moreover, a tutorial is provided with the software with the help of thus tutorial one can easily utilize the services of the software. This software can be easily operated by ay non-technical individual.

Expense Tracking using Timesheet Software

The budget and time required for carrying out a project is decided before working on a project. With the help of this software, you can manage the time and expense of the project and keep it on the assigned boundary. All the expenses that are carried out during the project’s run time are stored in the expense sheet on the instance they occur and the software also supports the digital receipt which makes the expense more authentic. With the help of expense tracking the projects with the chances of loss is detected and required changes are made.

Web based Software

The software is web based and it minimizes the paperwork that occurs during the management of the company’s activities. The software is more reliable and the data can be stored for a very long time. The software works online that is why it is available at anytime and anyplace. The useful data can easily be extracted and the required changes can be made by pushing a few buttons.

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