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Effective Management of Projects

Project managementOrganization’s most important and revenue generating aspects are the projects and employees which should be managed effectively in order to make business and profit for the organizations. There are various different types of clients in the organization which should be managed appropriately. Some of them are low budgeted and some give a good profit for the business so they should be preferred appropriately. Every project should be given as much attention as required for its proper execution as lack of attention can ruin the project and excess attention may cause other projects to go back in the background.  With this application, new projects and clients can be added to the team easily.

Client Management and Addition

In the ‘Menu’ button, the option for ‘Clients’ provide with a list of all the clients that are the part of the organization and had produce any kind of business or assigned some project to the company. Already present client’s details can be changed by pressing the ‘edit’ button against it. New clients can also be added in the application by pressing the ‘Add’ button at the bottom of the page. A new page appears on which the employee relevant information can be added to thin the records of the organization. The name and nick of the client are essential and the page does not proceed until they are provided. The email address and the postal address of the client can be entered for keeping records for staying in touch. The telephone and fax number for the new client can be stored for convenience. Moreover, the billing rate of the employee is also added as per decided after negotiating with the client.

client managementManaging New & Old Projects

Projects are assigned by the client to the organization and once the client is convinced then the project should be delivered with such a quality that makes the trust on the organization and its employees. For this reason, the project should be managed in an efficient manner. New project in the application can be assigned by pressing the ‘Add’ button at the bottom of the page which appears after pressing the ‘Project’ button in the ‘Menu’ list. The project type and client name can be selected from the list present. The project code, name, and the description is entered manually for storing. The team lead and project manager are also specified easily.

Approvals and Due Dates

The timesheet and expense sheet approval are also defined for each particular project according to the type of the project. The approvals could be made multi-level or any single approval as the demands of the project. In a case of external users, the approval is made from them as well. The starting date and due date of the project could be defined after making the clients aware. The expense tracking notifications for approvals and other preferences could be managed as per the priority of the project.

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