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Employees Performance Report Generation – Just a Click Away with Timelive!


Success of an organization is not just reliant on having a killer strategy and accurate use of resources. It is also dependent upon the capability of mangers to support their teams and related entities in order to direct them towards the right path. Okay, they are on the right paths. What’s more? It is crucial to keep them on the right path by motivating them using best ways. Now, what are the best ways? Engage them by measuring and comparing their performance.

To overcome such situation LiveTecs suggests a remarkable application that keeps the record of the working hours and what they have done during working hours. Do it using TimeLive, a time tracking software that provides online time sheets for employee report generation. As you know that do is half done, consider your work ‘half done’ after installation of this productive software.



Customized Employee Report

TimeLive offers custom fields that you can add or remove as per the organization’s requisite. The employee reports can be developed using different layouts, headers, and footers. You can use different formulas in order to create the employee report card to check performance against a certain task or project. You can also get the complete work history of the employee during specific time period. TimeLive is a remarkable application bringing revolution in the field of official workings whether you are managing a technical firm or indulged in a non-technical business. Keep an eye on employee performance and treat them justly, so that they treat their jobs justly.


Individual vs. inclusive performance management

Overall performance of all employees can be produced rapidly using TimeLive. It take just a few minutes to provide track record of each and every employee. It becomes easy for the mangers to compare performance of the employees with each other and an individual’s own performance as compared to previous month or previous project. It helps to understand who is more productive by doing what. With the help of HR team you can assign tasks more effectively according to the abilities or interest of an individual. Don’t you think it will increase productivity? According to a report, only 14% of organizations are content with the software that they use for performance management. Use TimeLive to increase the level of employee contentment. They will satisfy you by boosting up their productivity.

Compare performance by keeping an eye on each aspect

As a manager you are a multi-tasker and you need to get done a lot. Sometimes, it seems difficult to gage the performance of the employees who are working on same project. To gage their performance you need to analyze difficulty level of their task, worked hours, meetings, other activities and a lot more. If every individual’s effort is not measured properly, the employees will be unable to receive the relevant incentives. As a result, it may demotivate them that will ultimately impact the project badly. As you have to send inclusive reports to senior management, there must not be a single mistake in it. This feature aids in the decision making to increase the employee incentive according to his performance rather than his networking abilities. This increases the loyalties of employees towards the organization. Whenever a report is generated, an automated e-mail will be sent to the respective employee in order to make him attentive.



Handy for all kind of managers

TimeLive’s employee performance management application helps not only project managers, it helps HR professionals and professionals of several other streams too. A number of tough tasks can be coped in minutes by creating the employees’ reports online timesheet management. Work smartly by using up to date, user friendly application of TimeLive in order to manage your work force accurately. It will definitely increase the productivity of the employees that will lead your organization toward new horizons.

Alma Reed is an author and researcher dedicated to enhancing productivity. She is deeply interested in areas such as time management, increasing productivity, and fostering healthy routines. Through her writing, she aims to assist people in boosting their job performance and attaining an ideal balance between work and life.

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