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Employees Tasks and Performance Management



An organization is run by the employees, so it is important to manage them in a way that nourishes their benefits and take care of their basic requirements and to give them a gracious working environment. They are at the back of every accomplishment a company takes in so they should be managed properly. Timelive application has features with the help of which you can easily add new employees to increase output and even eliminate the already existing employees when terminated or so.

Assessing Employee Information:

Employees’ detailed information including their locations, departments and IDs is all accessible through “Employees” option within the “Menu” button. Each employee’s performance on the task or project assigned to them can be analyzed by clicking on the “Project” button right in front of their name. The time routine of each employee can be viewed or changed through “Time Off” button beside. When an employee has left or terminated, all associated details of him can be deleted by pressing the “delete” button against his name.

Updating Employee’s General Information:

Any particular details about any employee can be changed by just clicking on the “edit” button against their name. Even the address and phone numbers can be updated providing the new details. If one has forgotten the login details, it can be re-set. If an employee is transferred to another department then his details can be updated with new ones by selecting them from the drop down list. Employee type, employee status (resigned or terminated), time off approvals etcetera can all be easily managed and altered as per the projects’ needs, policies and requirements.


Changing Advanced Options:

Timelive is user-friendly software for which one just needs the basic computer knowledge to deal with. With the help of the application, the mangers can at any time update or change an employee’s billing rate and the currency type for the billing. To let employees access the profile from another system then an option to provide them a specific IP is also available. The electronic signature can be changed if there’s a doubt about their privacy. There are options to change profile picture and when one clicks on it, a complete picture with name and details pops-up.

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