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This advance era of technology has helped organization to grow globally, however; flourishing global operation management is still a challenge for the companies. Every organization regardless of their size intends to easily manage its expenses and teams within resources and make every day confused & hectic errands more efficient. Livetecs has endowed all the organizations with the best possible solution in the form of Livetecs which contains all the essential features to modernize a business and handle each and every single aspect connected with that both locally and globally.

Hassle Free Project Costing & Management

Timelive facilitates a smooth approach to project cost by providing detailed expense sheet and a cost recorder within. This systematic approach has simplifies the cost calculation phase for the managers. Through this super helpful application, one can monitor their employees and reimburse them as per the hours worked by them on any project. Managers or any other higher authority can hold full control over team and their activities and can approve or decline their timesheets using Timelive software.

Multiple Usage Is Allowed By TimeLive

Timelive offers multiple usage opportunities – it can be used both online and offline to support a smooth business collaboration. This application can be installed in any system within a few minutes. However make sure that the system you are installing it in is dedicated enough to efficiently run the application.


TimeLive Extraordinary Features

Timelive comes with extraordinary features to handle office work in lesser time. One of the outstanding features of this application is painless customization of roles and responsibilities of the employees. Timelive is all secured and protective application and can be used even for the top most secretive project as its security features do not let anyone misuse your personal data in any way. Once approved by the administration, it allows restricted access to the software. Timelive enables users to communicate with each other with its active directory feature. The audit feature keeps a full record of all changes or amendments made within a project for future reference.

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