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Features Affecting On Organization

time tracking of employeeTracking of time and expenses is really hectic for majority of managers at the end of the month or in the last of the time interval of the project development. This is due to the overhead and extensive workload on the managers. The introduction of the TimeLive application developed by Livetecs is an amazing step for the management of business. The project maintenance and tasks accomplishment using the online application is convenient and simple due to the interactive and user-friendly environment.

Expense, Time and Vacation Tracking of Employees

With the help of the web application designed specifically for catering the needs of the project managers and employees, the organization can lead to rule the market for their specific domain. Employee management and their off time recording with the help of the application can increase the chances for the managers to deliver the product in the market at the negotiated time period and maintaining the quality as needed by the customers and billing them appropriate amounts. The competitions in the companies and organizations are advancing day by day so in order to increase the profit and incomes for the company the implementation of the timesheet application can be proved really beneficial. Using the application the expenses for the projects can be recorded in a smooth manner on a separate sheet and then they are approved by the managers so that no one can create fake expense sheets for the tasks and projects.

business management toolOnline Business Management Tool

The online application removes the need for any servers and storage devices for storing the information within them instead the entire data is stored in a central location of a cloud which can be accessed from anywhere in the world by just logging into the specific organization’s account. This could increase the productivity of the employee and introduces the concept of virtual working in the organization and the expenses can then be recorded in the field or market where the expense incurred. Managers can then view the employee performance through the timesheets while being away from the office. The businesses of the organization can flourish with little investment of time and money using timesheet system.

Designing & Development with Integration

The application is designed using the most common and powerful tool used these days for development i.e. Visual Studio and the language used for the development is C#. Moreover, the application is integrated with SQL server database for storing various attributes and information. TimeLive is also integrated with best modules in order to perform various jobs in the company for the betterment of businesses. QuickBooks is a leading bookkeeping application comes along with the suite of TimeLive for providing the organization opportunity of bookkeeping along with the recording and maintaining of the tasks, projects and employees.

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