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Features of LiveTecs software

user-friendly softwareEasy to use

LiveTecs is a user-friendly software available in different languages. Anyone can start it up easily in few minutes by setting up its options and configuring its features. It also has the feature to translate data in desired language.

Time Billing

Time billing software provides the facility of billing rates setup to specify rates for entries. The user has to make bill now and calculate the amount of products to prepare invoices. The task of time billing software is to grab the entries which need to be billed and leave those which are unbilled and already billed for the preparation of invoices.

Project managementTime Sheet

To show the kind of venture time sheet and cost sheet are very necessary for every task. The beginning data and final date of a task are characterized by the time sheet to show it to the customers.


This software is used to calculate specific time spent by the employees on some project or specific task. Any person can get TimeLive software through authenticated license options. Open source is provided to the customers so that they have the facility to modify the features of the software according to their choice and demand.

Time tracking and project management

TimeLive software has features of time tracking and project management which helps the users to reduce paperwork.

Enhance performance of business

Now a days users are using technology related tools which enhance the performance of their business. Timesheet software has made great progress in this aspect. Many organizations work with project management to complete their tasks given to them by their supervisors and managers. Timesheet software helps them to manage time and expenses.

TimeLive _ the best software

In these days, try of all the companies is to use the latest and best software so that they can increase their outcome in short time. TimeLive is the best software in this regard which gives maximum chances to earn more money in a minimum amount of time.

Check on employees

This software is best for managing the time of work of employees. The users can separately manage the leave record and time-off of the employees and can calculate the leaves also at the end of a month.

Applications of TimeLive software

This software has a number of applications which allow managers to move data of company from one application and get the desired result.

Multiple currencies

TimeLive software provides you the facility to transform one currency into another according to the area of workplaces.


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