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Features of TimeLive Application

Admin optionsMany organizations are dealing with projects and jobs that are assigned to various employees in order to accomplish them. The effective management of projects and employees is the basic requirement of the company so to become successful service providers. While developing a project, the time tracking of employees worked on all assigned jobs and tasks could become hectic and tiresome. This problem is resolved by the timesheet software present on the internet from various different developers.

The complete organizational setup of the company is created by the software and all the information regarding the companies is entered into it, By clicking on the ‘Admin Options’ link present on the right top of the dashboard provides the user with so many different options which could be customized as per the company’s policies.

Managing the Setup for Organization

Under the heading of the ‘Organization Setup,’ different links are present to create an official environment in the application. In the ‘Location’ all the working locations for the company can be stored in order to track the records and to synchronize with them. The name and codes for different departments like accounting, marketing, development and other related teams are stored by pressing the ‘Departments’ on the ‘Admin Option’ page. All the roles for the employees working in the company are defined and any kind of customized role can also be created fulfilling the requirements of the company. Moreover, the types of employees in the organization can also be specified. The employees that are not officially the part of the organization are external users and are efficiently handled without any mistake.

Application setupChanging the Application Setup

TimeLive allows customizing the application to a larger extent and one can change the setup of the application for the convenience. One is required to know the basics of computer knowledge. The preferences for email notifications can be changed as per the policy of the organization by checking or unchecking the relevant option easily from the ‘Email notification preferences’. All the employees in an organization could be given some specific permission to change, view or delete the records or manage the various organizational activities. The terms used in the application can be changed to the user-defined custom names relevant to the need of the organization like ‘task’ could be named as ‘JOB’. Any kind of customized fields can be entered for each user category from the option of ‘Custom Field’.

Customizing Currencies and Taxes

The default currency for the organization can be changed from the ‘$U.S’ to any of the currency as per the location of the departments or offices. New manager’s defined taxes can be entered which could incur in the accomplishment of the jobs and tasks and the formula for their calculation can be defined in the formula field under the ‘Tax Code’ option.

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