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Features of TimeLive Web Based Application

web based timesheetThe rapidly changing technology has helped the organizations expand their business globally, but handling operations across is a globe is still a challenge for the companies. The whole process of management resolves around the finances and teams. It is the aim of all the small and large corporations to easily manage their resources and could streamline hectic routine tasks. The TimeLive has just provided the right solution by revolutionizing the core business processes with the help of their software. The software adequately handles all the projects, tasks and people associated with the different tasks.

Hassle Free Project Costing & Management

The web based solutions let you work on the project cost in detail. The provider of an expense sheet is available in the timesheet software, which records all the costs incurred for the completion of a project over a period of time. Without the systematic approach, it becomes quite difficult for the managers calculate the actual cost of the project. Employees deployed on various projects can be easily managed and they can be compensated accordingly for the total time they have worked on a project. The manager can get information about the whole team worked under his supervision and his timesheet period of also display in the software. This enables the manager to approve the timesheet for the each worker.

multiple usageMultiple Usage Is Allowed By TimeLive

The software provides multiple uses of the software. It is designed to run offline as well as online for the collaboration of business. You can easily install the software on any machine with simple one click. There is no additional need to buy more add-ons for the use of this software. It will take only a few minutes to install and start working with the timelive software. However, the online use of the software requires standard features to run the application online. A dedicated server is required for the installation of the software and making it accessible worldwide for the business use.

TimeLive Extraordinary Features

The software does not only offer standard features for costing and managing the workers, but it does offer plenty of extraordinary benefits to the users. The easy customization of fields is one of the features that make this software special and can be altered for roles based use. The modern security features of this software protect the privacy of your data and don’t let its misuse in any way. It gives restricted access to the software after the approval of the administrator. The dashboard interface allows you to perform a number of tasks that improve the work performance and handling of the various tasks at the same time. The active directory feature gives access to the users to communicate with each other using this platform. The Audit trial is a feature that keeps the record of all the changes made in the timesheet for future reconciliation of the project.

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