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Timelive by Livetecs is a powerful business tool employed by organizations to raise overall business output and computerize their work stream. It is an advance system to manage all work related aspects and can be installed on your mobiles enabling you to access your work anywhere to overtake your opponents.

Easy Usability and Great Accessibility

Timelive software is so easy to use and understandable even for unskilled employees. It has made time and expense management trouble-free from top to bottom. This multi-featured real time tracking application is a smart and advance choice of business professionals to track total time consumed by a project and each employee’s contribution on that so they can be paid as per their involvement and working hours eliminating any deception probabilities. The application aptly supervises both technical and financial side of a business.

User-Friendly & Commercially Viable

The web-based software can be geologically disseminated to meet large organizations needs and requirements using internet expertise. It is totally customizable and offers both brief and comprehensive reports as per the settings it is on. One can access and use this application anywhere anytime regardless of the distance and location on his/her Smartphone using Timelive mobile version. Timelive open source license enables organizations enjoy possession privileges for customized usage of this application.


Measure the Profitability

Timelive software basically controls and monitors the entire operations of a business to enhance its profitability and productivity. Time tracking feature, expense tracking feature and obliging management tools within Timelive permit users to impose inner power-system and put company policies into operation. Its functions are not limited to time and expense tracking only but it also controls audit functions to compose balance-sheet at the end of every financial year. This software brings the whole organization and running operations under your control.

Do not get trapped by alluring marketing campaigns that aim to sell out their fake management software, try out Livetecs’ reasonably priced comprehensive software Timelive to give your business a boost and an edge over competitors.

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