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How Employers Benefit from Mandatory Paid Sick Time

Sick time pay is an apparent advantage for workers but, while not as obvious, it is no less advantageous for employers.

The company paid sick time isn’t federally mandated, but numerous countries and cities are passing their own laws around it. With the increasing trend, companies have been questioning why they should have to be accountable for the cost of worker sick time.

Nevertheless, research has revealed that offering paid sick leave doesn’t harm a business’s bottom line. While it may look like a financial burden, the real difficulty lies in the consequences of not offering sick time pay.

Here are some of how this employee gains actually helps employers in the long run.

How Paid Sick Time Benefits Employers

Decreased employee turnover

Workers become more endowed in a company when they get sick time. Employees can’t draw out ill time, so they miss it when they quit their jobs. Sticking with an organization makes sense because when workers start a new job, they have to wait until the probationary period gets over and gradually accrue sick time all over again.

Holding employees should matter to a company because employee turnover is costly. Anything that will help overcome this is a clear success. A fact sheet from the reviews the benefits:

“Replacing workers can cost anywhere from 16 to 200 percent of annual compensation. Paid sick days reduce turnover, which leads to reduced costs incurred from advertising, interviewing and training new hires.”

Improved productivity

Paid sick leave can increase worker productivity in a couple of forms, both in the employee taking sick leave and in the staff which remains at the office.

Rest is essential for a quick recovery and going into work doesn’t facilitate that. Staying home when ill can help workers get better quicker so that they can return to the workplace and get back to work. Bringing the sickness to the office can undermine the productivity of the whole team. So often, various employees get sick at once. Keeping bacteria out of the office can stop this and help maintain an office running smoothly even when one person is out sick.

Fewer accidents

Workers who do physical labor, excise machinery or drive vehicles to endanger themselves & others when they work while being ill. We all know how it feels to drive a car when we are sick. Our reflexes are slower; we are fatigued, we do not think as clearly. The company can incite the cost of errors that sick employees make in the form of workman’s comp or even damaged equipment.

Even workers who do not operate machinery can make expensive mistakes while sick. Mistakes involving poor judgment can be just as costly.

Less stress

There are many more benefits of employer-paid sick time that can’t be quantified but which clearly support a healthy person, family, and society.

For instance, workers with paid sick leave privileges can help their kids when they’re ill. They also can take off time to take care of other family members in need. This is vital for workers’ health because when work-demands limit their ability to care for their family, stress is always the result.

Paid sick time benefits workers handle emergencies when they arise without having to worry about the additional impact of lost wages.

How to Easily Track Sick Time

If your company pays sick time, the online time tracking system, TimeLive, can collect time off based on the number of hours employees work. This way is difficult to track by hand, but it’s the one most jurisdictions require. An online system takes a headache out of sick time tracking. Give it a try!

Alma Reed is an author and researcher dedicated to enhancing productivity. She is deeply interested in areas such as time management, increasing productivity, and fostering healthy routines. Through her writing, she aims to assist people in boosting their job performance and attaining an ideal balance between work and life.

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