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How Time Tracking Are Helpful in Project Management

Projects are a core part of any organization, for they help in sustainment of the company itself and furthermore help in the advancement of that particular industry as well, be it retail, technology, etc. However, no matter what industry one belongs from the basics to starting a project is relatively simple with the initial level that consists of a top-level plan.

Once you know what to do, then you move on to preparing what needs to be done, and how to incorporate activities that will get the work done promptly. The most important part of starting a project usually comes in this step, i.e., allocating resources.  It is always the duty of the manager or the supervisor to know that plans are dynamic and subject to change regarding what needs to be done and the resource allocation may vary according to the given time and circumstances. However, one aspect of project management these days is time tracking of the activities that are to be done for the project and the resources.

For projects, it is vital for managers to know the hours that are being spent on a task and the resources that are going into it. Therefore, time tracking softwares have become an essential aspect of any organization within various industries over the past decade or so. For the data that is gathered through these time-tracking softwares prove to be extremely useful for coming up with resource and time allocation for future projects.

Furthermore, a sufficient time tracking software such as TimeLive by Livetecs also helps in prioritizing projects and tasks according to relevance. As TimeLive provides a proper timesheet that helps in monitoring the estimated and required time on projects and how long a particular employee takes on achieving the target they have been assigned.

Efficient time tracking helps in mitigating risks within the company and benefits to be on track all the time. It also proves beneficial for employees, for the manager can quickly know when the team member is putting in extra work and is due to a much-needed break along with if they are in need of a task to complete or not. Compensating the human resources becomes more natural, and charging the client for your work also becomes smooth sailing with detailed employee timesheets and reports that outline the job done.

Time tracking softwares, overall, make the workflow within an organization smooth and hassle-free by removing the burdensome tasks of data entry and saving the much precious resources. The expenditures for projects and daily functions can be easily viewed according to daily, monthly or yearly basis based on your organization’s preference.

These time tracking softwares come particularly handy for IT companies, retail industries, or even industries such as logistics and airlines where time is money.


Alma Reed is an author and researcher dedicated to enhancing productivity. He is deeply interested in areas like time management, increasing productivity, and fostering healthy routines. Through his writing, he aims to assist people in boosting their job performance and attaining an ideal balance between work and life.

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