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How TimeLive software helps in management?

management softwareTime tracking feature provide time management and time monitoring of employees work and help to manage effective project management. Time scheduling is performed successfully with the time sheet. Timesheet enters the following details Project name, project task are Project start date, project end date, employee name to whom a task is assigned. Time status is also mentioned which tracks the status of a project. Timesheet period list is maintained with employee name, project approval status are stored and all the project details are visible to the user. There is customized approval path are according to the user’s designation and required designation privileges are assigned. Email notifications are provided to the employees which keep them update about the project approval, deadlines or any changes associated with the project. In Validation and policies set up according to the employee work group privileges Timesheet input are facilitated to store details including Maximum and minimum hours per day, selection of weekdays, week-start days etc. Customized reports are also maintained containing the summarized reports for the timesheets created for performance evaluation. Moreover, already generated reports can be customized and have a facility to create new ones. Audit trials maintain reports for all the inputs and user-generated modifications to the time sheet.

Billable and Non-billable feature

Billable/Non-billable feature is also added. It is done in order to specify whether the specific expense sheet is subscribed for billing or not to the regarding intended user or customer. Email notification intended to the approver are generated on the regular basis to notify him for the pending approvals to overview them and make them approved. If you want to make new proposals for approval then add employee name, a date range for the project, start and end date and apply for the approval.

expense trackingAll management stress will go away with the handy features of TimeLive

Expense tracking allows keeping track of expenses occurring all over the project. You can record the expenses details along with time tracking for the core analysis of the performance of your organization. Customized approval paths are premeditated for a project regarding employees. Employee designation specifies its privileges, employees apply for the approval and the concerned administrative authority approves the project expense according to the privileges. Tax calculation feature helps to calculate the amount of tax on a project or amount of multiple taxes that are calculated on the specific projector on number of projects.

My time entry approvals consists of employee name, billable hours for which the payment is to be paid, non-billable hours, total hours conducted, type of selection whether it is approved or rejected and approver’s comments also mentioned. Timesheet period list contains the period of the project, period type means which period method is selected whether is weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, semi-monthly, total duration of work conducted, timesheet status notifies that project is approved or not, submission date and if rejected then a rejection date is also mention.

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