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How TimeLive was Able to Achieve Ranking in GetApp List

Starbucks is successful for many reasons, but it is also because it did not stop itself from just selling coffee but it went on to have a broad menu which consists of wide range of coffee, beverages, and other food items. Similarly, Apple watch is not just a simple watch; it has apps built in it with options for installing more third-party apps, which makes it different from many other watches.

A company does not achieve success overnight. They reach heights by working day and night and administrating changes according to the consumer need and demand. Businesses like Amazon, eBay, Samsung, and Apple are successful today because they understood consumer need even before consumer themselves, and then they deliver it to them. Furthermore, they just don’t stop there. They brought more and more features and changes in their services and products to maintain their customer base. On the contrary, a company like Nokia have been successful among its customer loses to its competitors by not changing the world. Similar is the case with the software.

Time Tracking Software introduced just when there was a need to track time electronically as industries were growing more competitive day by day and time card method was becoming outdated. Initially, it was just software to track time but as Samsung and Apple grew by advancing their operating system so does time tracking software by adding more and more feature to it.


TimeLive by Livetecs launched in 2006 is a web-based time tracking software. It offers both for personal use or freelancers and for small, medium and large organizations. It ranges from a free trial of 30 days to $400 for enterprises with unlimited users. TimeLive serve the need of many clients.

TimeLive updated since then to add features to make it more accessible and user-friendly. Because of its constant effort to help users to increase their efficiency and effectiveness, they are considered as number 17 out of the 25 in the list of time tracking and expense leaders for 2017.

According to the researcher Suzie Blaszkiewicz at GetApp, “Livetecs makes its debut in GetApp’s Category Leader ranking for Time Tracking & Expense, coming in strong at #17. With an impressive total score of 47, Livetecs showcases its strength in its security protocols, with a strong score of 14. An additional 12 points for its mobile apps and 11 points for reviews with an average rating of 4.47 out of 5 stars ensures that Livetecs makes a strong debut in GetApp’s new ranking for Time Tracking & Expense.”

Customer Reviews

On Getapp, TimeLive receives 84% of the positive review with 100% recommendation to a friend or colleague. Positive reviews result from customer satisfaction. And customer satisfaction is hard earned money which did not come easily, and as a result, there are reasons why consumers give positive reviews:

Excellent Customer Service

It is not an easy job to set up software like time management software for the whole organization to track the employees’ time and to bill client accordingly. The organization faces certain issues and to resolve these issues they contact to their respective time management software organization. A customer always prefers a timely and friendly reply from their customer service. TimeLive was able to do so, and many of its clients were able to vouch for that. According to them, TimeLive has a very proficient customer support that helps them solve all their queries in a friendly manner and on time.

Cost Effective

Organizations and individual users always consider cost before investing anywhere. So to have a time management software for their organization, many employers compares and contrasts the prices of various time management software and then chose the one with least cost. Consequently, TimeLive was the choice of many employers because it is more cost-effective than other software. TimeLive charges organization $200/month for 50 users and $400/month for unlimited users.

Easy to Use

Consumers have no time for complicated things and go for hassle-free things. That’s why software which is easy to understand and use is their preferred choice. According to many users, TimeLive is simple and easy to use and navigate for their daily work.

Timely Update

Software update to solve bug issue or to change its look or to add features which were not present before but will facilitate users. It is a way to engage with the user and to satisfy them by solving their issues with existing version and also provide them with something that they wanted and some time to marvel them with something that they did not think. iPhone recently updated its iOS to 11.0.3 and Apple watch OS 4. TimeLive have been updating since 2008. It updated at least once and sometimes, even more, each year to add new features and resolve issues which have been present in existing software. Over the time some of those updates include: new easy to navigate display; added new options and reports; adding user interface languages other than English such as German, Chinese, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, and Sweden; new reporting options; new multi-currency facility; ability to generate timesheets daily, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly; added DCAA compliance for timesheet and expense sheet; added new notifications; added timer control/stopwatch feature; added QuickBooks Integration tool; fix bugs related to Timesheet, UI, QuickBooks Integration, time off, project code, etc; availability to Android and iPhone application and availability to sign in with Google account.

List of Features

The software cannot achieve its success unless it offers some promising features which customer can utilize to enhance their productivity and profitability. TimeLive offers such features. TimeLive track time and expense of employees and projects respectively. It sends bills off to the client; generate customized reports, and managing project; and its cost. It also sends notifications via emails; set up approval system for organizations; has the timesheet compliance with DCAA; offers the integration with QuickBooks Timesheet software and the option of time off management. It also provides the availability of source code.


Recently Livetecs as won a Great User Experience 2017 Award and Rising Star Award conducted by FinancesOnline. As former Starbucks International President Howard Behar said, “we’re in the people business serving coffee,” so is also right for the software industry. They are also serving people, and only best software wins. Moreover, these achievements and success of TimeLive have not been possible without the combined effort of the team of Livetecs which led it to new heights.

Alma Reed is an author and researcher dedicated to enhancing productivity. She is deeply interested in areas such as time management, increasing productivity, and fostering healthy routines. Through her writing, she aims to assist people in boosting their job performance and attaining an ideal balance between work and life.

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