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How to Quick Start Your Way to TimeLive Source Code

Buying time tracking software can come with its own set of problems, such as choosing which one is the right option for you and making sure it has all the required features that will help you in efficiently running your organization.

There is multiple online time tracking softwares that do have a bunch of features that let you have a set of features that can benefit your company, but at the same time, however, they seem to limit you in a way when it comes to licensing and the source code.

Livetecs’ TimeLive software is one those that allow it’s user to own the software and offers various licensing options that enable you to purchase the source code and make changes to the software accordingly; giving you the power to connect the software to an individual software or web services. With TimeLive, the power is all yours in every domain.

When you purchase the TimeLive source code, you can further sell the software to your own customers for added benefits and making your organization the image of a one-stop solution. That is right, with the purchasing of the TimeLive license, TimeLive can be very quickly added to your company’s portfolio, letting you bridge the market gap by tapping into new segments of the industry.

Purchasing the TimeLive source code is pretty simple; there are three packages available on the Livetecs’ website: Enterprise for $4000, Rebranding rights for $4500, and Ownership rights for $8000. Also note that all of this cost is only for one time, and these packages include various features and give you the freedom to customize and integrate the software accordingly.

The web enterprise version of the source code includes an unlimited user license. You can have as many users on the TimeLive system as you want without any specific limit set by the time tracking software.

As previously mentioned the source code will also let you make all the modifications you want to it by adding or removing a particular feature or adding web services and connecting to a third party system.

The TimeLive software built on a three-layer architecture: a presentation layer, that takes care of presenting the business data to the customers and offers ways to manipulate the data. The business layer is where all the processes, rules, and logic are implemented and defined, and the data layer manages the storage and provides the two above mentioned layers the ability to store data.

The source code is very easy to launch and comes with an option to quick start it. All one has to do is download and install the Eworld UI 2.0.6, and the Web Deployment project from Microsoft. After the installation of this software, one has just to extract the source code in a folder and launch the TimeLive solution file. Then click on the start button in the Visual Studio to begin TimeLive from the source code.

After that, you will be required to fill the configuration page, add a new account and supply the necessary form and log in with your TimeLive ID. In just a few steps, the time tracking software’s source code is yours to change as you please.

Alma Reed is an author and researcher dedicated to enhancing productivity. She is deeply interested in areas such as time management, increasing productivity, and fostering healthy routines. Through her writing, she aims to assist people in boosting their job performance and attaining an ideal balance between work and life.

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