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Introductory Features of Timelive

user-friendly softwareThe services of managing the project teams and the employees working in an organization are provided with large numbers of different software. The arrangement of timesheet is a technical job and a professional is required in handling the timesheet properly. Hiring a technical staff can effect on the budget of the company and not every organization can afford to hire extra hands. In order to help the small budget companies, Livetecs introduced user-friendly management software. This helps the companies to arrange their time sheet and it can be easily operated by any non-technical individual. Due to this plus point Timelive software of Livetecs is becoming more reliable than any other familiar software.

User-Friendly and Web Availability

With the help of Timelive software, the management of projects and time is made so easy and fast that the requirement of technical staff is completely neglected by the firms. The implementation of such software requires the introduction of external hardware or servers that supports the software but not in the case of Timelive because in order to utilize the services of Timelive no external plugins or attachments are needed. It is web based software that is why nothing extra is required to work on this software other than internet.

multi lingualEasily Understandable

The working of this software is quite simple. For the organizations or the individuals that are completely unaware of such applications a tutorial video is provided by the software that allows the user to completely understand the working and features of the software and this tutorial also gives the guidance to the utilization of its services properly. The software is user-friendly and all the work is done simply by passing commands through pressing he buttons and the knowledge to utilize the technology is needed. In order to work on Timelive, the organization has to sign up for its services and the management of the employees, clients, and the project is then the responsibility of the software.

Multi-Language Support

One of the most amazing features of the software is that it is available in multiple languages which make it international software. Due to the availability of the software in the different language allows the user from any region to easily utilize the facilities provided by this application. The software is present in all internationally known languages and companies can utilize its services in their home language.

Time Efficient & Generation of Reports

The software allows the management of employees and jobs assigned to them quite simply. And the software also generates a report regarding the employee’s progress and show the increase or decrease in the performance of the employees. This task is very time-consuming and requires great care if done manually. But with the help of Timelive software the generation of reports and managing the reports is a matter of few minutes. The reports are generated within few minutes and pressing a few buttons.

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