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Keeping Track of Time and Money

TimeLive appTimeLive has so many features that make it worthy to use by the financial and technical supervisors. It helps a lot in managing the time and reducing it to save the expenses utilized while the accomplishment of the project. The best feature of TimeLive is time tracking of the project to evaluate the performance of the employees while working on the project. The time can be tracked in customized way as per the requirement of particular project or organization. The timesheet of TimeLive can be managed for daily, weekly, bi-weekly or other periods of time.

Timesheet Approval

The time worked on the project is submitted by the employee to the manager or supervisor of the project and then he/she is there to approve the timesheet. TimeLive therefore, provides the support for different levels of approvals for the time worked to manage the working time of employees. Another amazing feature of the TimeLive is its customizable email notifications such as if the employee’s timesheet is pending or their pending approvals are approved, TimeLive notifies the employee via email.

Time tracking sheetReport Generation for Improvement

Different types of validation for the timesheet are available from which a user can opt according to the needs. The validation on the basis of days or periods of time can be chosen as required. Moreover, the starting weekdays for the project or official jobs are also defined by the manager. A brilliant feature in the time tracking sheet of TimeLive is the generation of employee performance reports. The quickbooks online timesheet reports are transported to all the higher authorities and are sent to the employees as well. These reports help in assessing the overall performance of the workforce and the improving steps can be taken. Any changes required in the reports of the employee are very easy and the notification is sent to all the related people. TimeLive itself keeps an audit for the changes in reports.

Managing Budgets

Timesheet software helps in identifying the projects and jobs that are running out of time and are greater in budget that ignoring them would cause a loss; in order to manage them appropriately. All the expenses on the project are tracked by TimeLive such as workforce cost, development cost, maintenance cost and others. The budget of the job and project is compared against the time consumed in the completion of the project. The software is featured in such a way that a manager can have a look at the timesheet of the employee working on all other projects or jobs.

Graphical Representation

The charts are used for giving the pictorial representation of the resources available for the project and the overall utilization of the resources and also the working time for employees on particular projects. The graph also shows all the activities of the employees in the organization working on different projects under different managers. TimeLive is surely great software for the streamlined accomplishment of the jobs. If you need more value you can visit TimeLive blog.

Alma Reed is an author and researcher dedicated to enhancing productivity. She is deeply interested in areas such as time management, increasing productivity, and fostering healthy routines. Through her writing, she aims to assist people in boosting their job performance and attaining an ideal balance between work and life.

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