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Key Features of Our User Friendly TimeLive Application



All organizations have some projects and tasks assigned to a range of employees to deal with successfully. The factor behind their success and accomplishment is a proper management of projects and employees which at times becomes hectic. But Timelive has resolved all such issues.
A complete company profile with all the information from projects to employees (senior or junior) is created by Timelive which at any time can be customized as per the company’s requirements by just clicking on “Admin Options”.

Managing the Setup for Organization

When the tab “Organization Setup” is clicked on, various links open up to create an official environment in the application. Company’s working locations are stored and recorded in the “Location” tab. The “Admin Option” page has options to add on further department name or code by clicking on the “Departments” button within. All employees’ roles and types are defined within the app and can be customized when needed. Employees who are not officially a part of the company can be handled separately so easily and unproblematic-ally.

Changing the Application Setup

The reason the application is so user-friendly is that it provides its clients all the options to customize it as per their needs. Even the Application Setup is changeable. Just basic computer knowledge is required and one can deal with the app effectively. From the “Email Notification Preferences” one can turn on or off the preference as per their requirement. All employees can be given power by the admin to change, delete or add any particular thing they’ve been assigned. The tab “Custom Fields” has options where button names can be given user defined names for their ease and simplicity.

Customizing Currencies and Taxes

Organization’s default currency type can be altered as per their location and need. Within the “Tax Code” option, the possible taxes that the manger defines for any project’s accomplishment can be entered along with its calculation formula.

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