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Livetecs Announces New “TimeLive API” For Seamless, Hassle-Free Integrations

Livetecs Announces New “TimeLive API” For Seamless, Hassle-Free Integrations

Miami, December 2017: Livetecs has announced that it has released its new “TimeLive API” for seamless, and hassle-free integrations. Livetecs LLC is a leading provider of web-based business products and custom software solutions for small and medium-sized businesses with over nine years in the software development market; thousands of small and medium-sized companies; and provides integrated solutions to manage clients, employees, and projects. The web-based Time tracking software is designed to monitor staff time and expense to increase productivity. It also encourages smooth monitoring of projects and cost.

“TimeLive API” now offers users the opportunity to integrate your favorite applications with TimeLive web timesheet. This seamless and hassle-free integration will enable users to benefit from various features which include Time And Expense monitoring, Quickbooks timesheet for information transfer, Online Timesheet for human capital management, and Employee Timesheet software to monitor operation easily and also efficiently monitor the achievements of the workforce. It is fully customizable, Multilanguage, and available on mobile.

“The Livetecs team is committed to creating applications that assist project groups in working together more efficiently. We believe that using resources and technologies, such as the internet and wireless access, allow organizations to empower their teams and create a more productive environment. Livetecs applications designed with the following goals in mind: Produce applications which are flexible, easy to use and standardized. Design applications that can be easily configured to solve new business challenges. Create applications which are easily accessible by organizational members and client,” says the mission statement of Livetecs. “Livetecs is committed to their inherent goals by providing powerful, web-based applications from which any organization can benefit,” it added.

“TimeLive support is always great and on time and until issue closure. Robert and his team have excellent knowledge of issue resolution, and they are so managed to work in lesser time. Thanks to all,” says Swapnil More, a project manager while sharing his experience with TimeLive.

About Livetecs

TimeLive was first released online in 2006 as a web-based timesheet product in both downloadable version and online version. Since then, TimeLive went through some enhancements, including a major overhaul that involved porting the entire software suite to the Microsoft.Net platform. Currently, TimeLive is implementing its goals by creating integrated applications, which are powerful, easy to use and industry-standard.


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