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Making the Project Management Efficient

Project managementThere are many different applications for the project management and time tracking of employees in order to eliminate the paperwork and manual effort for recording and planning. Companies are now dealing efficiently with the employees, clients and projects at a time by the use of online applications but sometimes the facilities lack which bound the use of software only on desktops and laptops. TimeLive introduced the mobile application which can be used on the latest smartphones available in the market. With the efficient use of the android and iOS the applications are designed for mobile for portability and easy to take the business anywhere and to keep an eye on the employee performance each and every time. Mobile applications allow the use of software and project maintenance from the field.

iOS & Android Applications for Project Management

Mobile applications are gaining power in the world of technology and everyone around the business and production industries is looking the best possible solutions for the management of business online. The use of the mobile applications increases the efficiency of business by providing the control to the managers wherever they are, whether in a meeting with delegates or visit to the site area. The application is available for Android mobile phones and also the iOS of Apple smartphones. The application for the mobile can be found at the Google play store or Apple’s App store. Anyone having the software installed on the device could access the mobile application and increase the connectivity of the team mates during the project.

online business managementUse of Web Services for Convenient Access

The web application uses the automatic transfer of data between different servers and over multiple different networks for increasing the efficiency. The framework used by the application is SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). The data can be extracted from the TimeLive application and can be used in other external services and applications. The data is accessed through the HTTP protocol and sending and storing includes the XML or another supported format. The provided web services differ from server to server and are smart enough for selecting the appropriate language for the supported server.

App Record

The application is ready to calculate and record the time and expenses incurred by the organization. The mobile application is as convenient as the desktop version of the application. Customized fields for the report could be created by pressing the Report feature on the dashboard application. Moreover, the formula fields can also be specified in the appropriate column for automating the reporting task while using the mobile phone. Company defined headers and footers along with specific logo for the company can be attached using the application and equal processing is performed on the mobile. The application can be accessed in any language supported within the regional boundaries of the company.

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