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Management of Time and Expenses Online

project managerThe holy grail of project management for any Project Manager (PM) is to keep a tight check on the time elapsed and expenses incurred on his project and an effective tool to do just that is readily available in the Dashboard on the left. The “My Timesheet” and “My Expense Sheets” options give the PM easy access to the vital functions of recording time and expense on the fly.At the very bottom of the section are the buttons for copying, printing, importing and exporting timesheets and of course saving and submitting them for further use.

Recording Time Worked on Projects

Upon clicking on the “My Timesheet” icon in the dashboard, the PM is presented with a simple screen to quickly record the time worked on the projects. The top section enables the PM can set the parameters of the timesheets for each individual employee, view the relative timesheets of all the employees cumulatively and submit them for approval. The bottom section presents the relevant information pertaining to the selection of the top section. In the “Day View,” the PM can define each employee’s concerned project and the specific task within that project and also the time allocated to each project / task. This is mapped out over the course of the whole week with even the off time measured / recorded. The “Timesheet Periods” section gives the PM an overview of all the timesheets of any employee in a list. The Start Timer button in the top sections causes a pop-up window to appear with the ability to record the time elapsed on each project in real time. This window gives the PM to select the customer, the concerned project and even specific tasks within those projects and also the ability to start the timer, pause and continue the timer and also to save it for further processing.

Expense sheet onlineManaging the Expense Sheet Online

The “My Expense Sheets” tab gives the PM a fairly simple way of recording the expenses. The top section enables the PM to search for each specific expense sheet while the bottom section is there for adding and updating each expense sheet. The Audit button in the top section gives the PM the ability to fine tune each timesheet and correct any errors. All the current timesheets are listed at the top while a comprehensive correction section is laid out at the bottom with the ability to update / change almost every parameter of the timesheets.

Approvals of Time and Expense Sheets Daily

The “Manage Approval” tab at the bottom of the Dashboard gives the PM or the approving authority the ability to approve Timesheets and Expense Sheets, as well as approval for the allotment of “Time Off “. The Top section of the Timesheet Approval enables the PM to search of each employee’s time sheets while the bottom section displays those time sheets with the ability to approve or reject those sheets and even a comments box to help illustrate the selection. The Expense Approval page is similar to the Timesheet Approval page with the search functionality on the top section and a list of the corresponding Expense Sheets for the PM / Approving Authority to approve or reject.

Finally, the Time-Off Approval page also has a similar outlook with similar functionality. check out more details in our blog.

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