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Managing Employees

assess employee informationEmployees are an essential part of the organization and are the real asset of any kind of organization. They should be managed in such a way that their benefits are not hurt and they can work in an environment which makes them enjoy work in spite of making them tired. They are the strength of the organization and help them in achieving the goals and targets set by them. TimeLive application allows to add new employees in the organization to make it even more productive or removing the already present employees in case of layoffs and terminations. Employee management becomes very simple and easy with the application.

Assessing Employee Information:

Selecting the option of ‘Employees’ from the ‘Menu’ button at the right-hand side of the dashboard provides with a list of all the employees along with their present working locations, departments, and IDs. All the projects which are assigned to a particular employee can be viewed by simply pressing the ‘Project’ button against each employee. The time of policies can also be viewed and changed if required for any particular employee from ‘Time Off’ button against it. The employees that are present in the organization can be terminated and after that can be easily removed from the application and all the associated entries could be removed by pressing the ‘Delete’ button against the employee name. You can check more information here on project Timesheet.

employees general informationUpdating Employee’s General Information:

The details about the employee can be changed in case of need i.e. the first name, last name or code can be changed by pressing the edit button against the particular employee. The address for the employee can be changed by providing the new address along with state, city and country. New Phone numbers and mobile numbers can be updated for the organization in order to stay in touch. The login information can also be changed in the case of lost password or username. The location and department in case of transfer can be changed to new by selecting from the drop down list. The employee type could be changed to a variety of available options in the company. The status of the employee can be selected according to the requirement from employed, resigned or terminated. The time off policies and approval type can be selected as per the organization policies.

Changing Advanced Options:

The billing rate for the employee can also be changed from the ‘standard’ to ‘overtime’ or ‘travel’. Moreover, the currency for the employee’s billing rate can be changed. The new employee rate and billing rate for the employee are specified and every task for the employee is billed at this rate. If some employee is allowed the access from some specific system then their allowed IP could be specified. The electronic signature of the employee could be changed in case of theft or loss of the signature. Moreover, the profile picture for the employee can be changed from the accounts and selecting the option of ‘Shoe Profile Picture’ gives the profile picture with the name.

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