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Managing Organizations Report

Organization's reportEvery organization is a mix of higher level authorities and of the employees that help the organization to accomplish various goals in the form of projects and tasks. Management of all the employees sometimes become very hectic for the managers and requires a lot of time and money. When any organization plans to reduce the workforce it becomes very difficult for it to select the employees who are not performing the jobs to the best possible extent in the absence of reports. Reports are also used to view the progress of the project and tasks. For these and various other reasons, reports became a very important part of the organizations. Creation of the reports is an overhead for the employees and managers due to the reference from previous entries and records.

Reporting the Audits in Sheets

Audit reports of the timesheets and expense sheets could be created simply by selecting the relevant field from the ‘My Reports’ option on the dashboard. In these reports all the dates, names of project and expense names along with the modification date are viewed. Moreover, the old and new values can also be viewed in the reports about the expense sheet and timesheets of employees. The employee can be selected whose report is required. This helps in assessing the performance and changes in the entries for any particular sheet of the employee. The report can be printed if required by the organization and can be sent to the managers. Moreover, if the report is created in the system in Excel then it could be uploaded on the application by pressing the import button above the report representation.

expense sheetTimesheet Approval Activity Report

The timesheet approval activities can also be reported using the option of ‘Timesheet Approval Activity’. The name of the employee whose report is to be created can be selected from the list in which all the employees that are enrolled in the organization are present. The client can also be selected for whom the timesheet is created and also the project and task name. The location or the specific department whose report is required can be selected and the application smartly fetches the appropriate records. The billing and approval type and also the status of the report can be mentioned for convenience. The report can be viewed in a detailed or summary format.

New Report Creation

Adding a new report as per the requirements of the organization is now become simple using the TimeLive timesheet software. By simply pressing the ‘Add New Report’ on the list of various different reports in the ‘My Reports’ option any kind of report can be created. The name and description of the report are entered and the category is selected from the already present categories. The icon for the report can also be uploaded from the computer. The title, header, and footer are mentioned in the form and also the other required fields.

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