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Mobile Timesheet: A Problem Solver In Remote Work Setting

As a result of current lockdowns around the world, a huge number of companies are adopting the remote work model. Now it has become more complicated to keep track of your staff. In most cases, remote working has affected the company’s as well as employees’ productivity in a negative way. It has brought a great loss for the company as it takes a lot of time and effort to settle into a new normal. For organizations that have to shift their work into remote work, this can be a difficult challenge that does not have a clear solution. Teams need better ways to account for their time to drive results on a company-wide scale. This is where mobile timesheets come into play.

Do you want to keep a track of your employee time and attendance? A mobile timesheet is your best bet nowadays. Designed to increase productivity and enable accuracy in payroll and accounting processes, TimeLive mobile timesheet app provides organizations with the ability to better manage remote teams. It helps them in tracking the time employees spend on different projects. Nowadays, technology keeps teams together to focus on common objectives. Mobile timesheets serve as a valued tool to resolve six major issues to ensure that everyone stays on the same page along the way.

Inaccurate Time Tracking/Timesheet Data

Humans can perform a wide range of tasks with efficiency. But it is not necessarily easier for them to keep track of the time they spent on individual tasks. The problem with conventional timesheets is that workers will always have to rely on memory to estimate the time they spent on a particular task. This results in discrepancies in accounting and payroll and can potentially damage the result.

Mobile employee timesheets enable all workers, whether they are in the field or working from home, to provide accurate information on the fly. The best time to note basic measurements is right after they occur. As a result, tracking this data in real-time helps to decrease errors. Team managers can easily access these notifications, which can rapidly verify completed projects, spot any mistakes or inaccuracies before they cause larger problems.

Delayed Approvals & Processes

It can be exhausting to manually review and confirm employee timesheets, invoices, expenditures, and time-off requests. And generating a backlog effect that adversely affects the effectiveness of your management and staff. The approval process slows down due to frequent inspections and requests for proper documents, limiting the opportunity to continue with successive work, and costing your company valuable time. However if staff could electronically send their timesheets, request time depending on the type of time off, look through festive holidays to see available dates, and submit automated expense reports, it would eliminate a great deal of the weight that comes with these verifications and approvals. Employee timesheets and the time off tracking feature of TimeLive help you in this purpose.

With built-in reminders and alerts, mobile timesheets provide a simplified approval process allowing managers to verify and sign on critical documents on time when out and about. The rapid approval of the mobile timesheet app helps teams to keep consistent schedules for projects and activities. Also, it ensures that progress is not stopped, and the flow of information to crucial departments including HR, payroll, and accounting gets simpler.

Lack of Visibility

Simply put, not all teleworkers work well. For some, remote work can be a difficult task as it shatters the traditional workday’s normal routine. Organizations need to ensure fair payments to staff to produce results. It is difficult for managers to guarantee that staff is doing work seriously without inspecting them. As a consequence, workflows and public image compromise, and clients’ work are in jeopardy.

Mobile timesheets with integrated Navigation features allow executives to keep a watchful eye on the performance of workers. It also shows where employees work, and ensure that everyday work is done. Besides, GPS features can be used to track when staff join or leave a predefined job site.

Inability to Forecast

For the calculation and financial planning of specific prospects, accounting for time on specific tasks is important. Without a clear monitoring system that maintains a detailed record of where staff utilizes their time, this can be challenging. Organizations must be able to reliably forecast the amount of money it would take to produce a completed outcome for a customer to stay competitive. And for this, mobile timesheets provide built-in tools to monitor these vital metrics immediately in real-time.

Accounting systems can retrieve detailed information regarding the number of staff required to complete the project as well as the anticipated project duration by recording time spent on specific work within an automated timesheet calculator. This implies full time and expense visibility and better precision in terms of billing, employee pay, and overall predictions.

Unproductive Employees

Goals are a big challenge for companies, and it is important for teams to come together to achieve them. Without a firm handle on where employees consume hours, managers can begin to lose contact with workers who, due to a lack of assistance and guidance, become unproductive. With the right to create production goals and a mobile timesheet app‘s real-time input capability, you can gain full accountability of employee’s productivity. This helps teams set goals and remains committed, while managers can monitor progress based on immediate perspectives. As a result, they can offer clear feedback to their employees to achieve good outcomes.

Unplanned Overtime

Overtime generates unnecessary expenses for the company, which can be harmful to a project’s financial performance. These unexpected or unplanned expenses directly affect the company, and without a proper plan in mind, it’s hard to predict when they may arise. You can easily gather time data and monitor overtime trends across projects and teams by implementing mobile timesheets. This will give the company the ability not only to anticipate future trends but to build more techniques to fully prevent overtime. In short, the data obtained by mobile timesheets will provide useful information and help you determine the correct equipment. Resources and staffing have been allocated to each project accordingly to stay financially on track.

TimeLive Mobile Timesheet Solution

Using mobile timesheets inside a mobile timesheet app will eventually support your company. It provides control, consistency, and certainty during the transition to remote work,  helps you regain control of the time spent by your current remote workforce. Adjustable formats for timesheets will allow your teams to more accurately report their time and provide useful insights to stay on track. The mobile timesheet app from TimeLive provides the ability to monitor time from anywhere and on any smartphone, with easy access to the data of each employee. With streamlined expense processes, time-off requests, and regular timesheets, it’s easy to cut back on missed time, and something your company will experience today.

Alma Reed is an author and researcher dedicated to enhancing productivity. He is deeply interested in areas like time management, increasing productivity, and fostering healthy routines. Through his writing, he aims to assist people in boosting their job performance and attaining an ideal balance between work and life.

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