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Monitor All The Tasks and Their Expenses With TimeLive


The most exhausted and also imperative part of any job is the manual calculation of time and expenses. You have the same thoughts? Then you haven’t tried Livetecs’ Timelive yet!
Time Expense Tracking can be dealt with pleasantly if you make us of Timelive which with its super helpful timesheet features enhances the overall business output and gives you a healthier understanding and power over your business. This timesheet software consumes less time and accomplishes great tasks. So why not give it a trial?

Better Time Tracking

Different timesheets can be entered within this software for daily, weekly and monthly tracking what suits you the best. For employees, it has made the process of getting a timesheet approved from managers quick and easy through customized approval system within. Through its reminder mechanism it doesn’t let anyone forget some important pending task during hectic and demanding days. Whenever an employee submits a timesheet, the manager gets notified via email and when it is approved the same goes for the employee as well.

Validation, Customization & Audit Are Extra Help

Timelive fulfills your business requirement of setting up a legalization process while introducing various new policies within the organization. Timelive offers options to define remuneration types, least working hours a day and working days a week along with a multiplicity of reporting systems. Timelive software with its strong internal control system supremacists organizations a firm grip on every financial transaction.



Minimize Paperwork

This online Time and expense tracking software has reduced the need of paper work as all the tasks, projects, expenses and related errands are so smoothly done online. Paper work is even required for getting approval on a sheet or task from the manager as it can also be dealt with online in a few clicks. The organizations can make transactions globally by the help of multi-currency feature within this web-based application. You can define tax deduction policy and calculate taxes using Timelive. QuickBooks timesheets allows managers or administrators to do financial transactions as per the financial rules with a strong grip over all the payouts of the company.

To find out more on Timelive and its services and features, you may turn to our blog section here.

Alma Reed is an author and researcher dedicated to enhancing productivity. He is deeply interested in areas like time management, increasing productivity, and fostering healthy routines. Through his writing, he aims to assist people in boosting their job performance and attaining an ideal balance between work and life.

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