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Monitor Time And Expenses Of Your Business

monitor time and expenseThe Timelive is a renowned web-based business management tool that helps in time and expense tracking of a business in every sense. It has been incorporated with so many business management and intelligent functioning rules, which take your business above the competitors. The rich features of the software enable you to handle a plenty of customers and track all the projects of the company under one roof. It gives provision to manage contractors and employees of an organization, monitor all the expenses of the projects, integrates an approval mechanism in the software and gives an overview of the standard financial control system altogether.

Modern Sense of Doing Business

You just get a modern sense of doing business with the help of TimeLive software. It takes all the headaches and bring you out of management hassles and complexities. It gives a business flexibility to use and helps to create an online presence for easy management and collaboration of different tasks. It considers every process of the business with respect to time and able an organization with the new techniques of time management that ultimately leads to the overall growth and success of the business. It saves your time as well as money through a streamlined business approach. It gives you a holistic approach to a project management and even with an ordinary and unskilled team a business with TimeLive can flourish in the days.

multiple functionsIntegrates Multiple Functions and Applications

The software has integrated a lot of applications that can help a business to perform in a better way. It is a customizable software and can be used for further development of any kind of business. Planning, controlling, monitoring and completing a project is just a matter of ease with this excellent business tool. It’s live reporting mechanism enables managers to get the update on each and every development of a project in a business. The QuickBooks financial accounting and reporting tool is freely integrated with the TimeLive software to empower your business with extra support tools. It makes it convenient for the managers, contractors and employees collaborate virtually with the TimeLive timesheet software.

Better Resource Management & Affordability

The software holds the features which you could never get the same price within a single package tool. If you need a software for a very large organization, it meets all your needs and can be distributed geographically with the use of internet technologies. It’s just not manages time and expense management, but integrates a special customer service platform that can serve the business customers with ease. It offers the brief as well as a comprehensive report on the provision of lots of filters to make it feasible for any type of reporting. Even a project worker working in the distant field can access the software using his smartphone with the help of Timelive mobile version.

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