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Multi-Languages Feature of TimeLive to Facilitates its Clients

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In this techno-age, different software and applications are being utilized on daily basis to get various tasks and trades done in an easy and convenient way. Any software that is ready-to-use and user friendly is the best to go for. Timelive by Livetecs facilitates its clients by presenting the multi-languages feature.

An Important Feature – Multi-Lingual

Timelive doesn’t serve a limited audience but also cater the customers with no know-how of English language through its multi-languages feature. The best part of any software is that it is used and appreciated by users all around the globe. It is the easiest and favored option of everyone to work in the language they know and understand or are native at. To push the hectic of learning a new language away, Timelive aids its customers anywhere in the world through multilingual feature.

TimeLive in German

Germans have played a vital part in the IT world through latest software development. Timesheet Software requires software development to manage and access the advancement of the projects and employee performance. Thus Timelive, instead of the default or English language, permits the use of German language to assist the software development in the native language and generate more inspired outcomes and cooperative routine of employees.

Chinese TimeLive

China is regarded as one of the most developed and advanced countries in the world. Since China doesn’t allow the use of any other language and restricts all the working in Chinese only, Timelive proffers its services in Chinese language as well to serve the people there. So now a Chinese employee can entirely make use of Timelive as per his/her needs and requirements to carry out a variety of goals and projects.

Other Language Support

Other major languages that Timelive covers are Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, and Norwegian & Portuguese. Timelive also presents the demo version in all languages so a client, before buying the software, can actually experience and test out the functionalities in the needed language properly. The availability of various or almost all the languages is responsible for making Timelive world famous and favored software. Positive feedback on the languages are really admired by Livetecs and thus if someone requires it other than the available languages then it is also catered by Livetecs.

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