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Multiple Feature Assisting Organizations

customized timesheet applicationOrganizations are now dealing with the project management in order to accomplish the goals and milestones defined by the higher management. Employees assist the managers in order to perform the tasks and jobs which are the sub-parts of projects. The introduction of the timesheet software like TimeLive has aided a lot in the management of employee time and expenses within the management process of the projects. Timesheet application is really convenient and can be customized as per the requirements of the company. There are various different domains for the project management which could be assisted with the help of the timesheet software. Most common of them are business and software development companies.

Online Application to Access from Anywhere

The application is very simple to utilize and does not require any kind of installation, but one can use the online version for accomplishing particular tasks. There is no setup for the application to run on the system. The application is a combination of various different components and act as SaaS (Software as a Component) which is considered to be the basic need for many leading business companies. With the cloud-based system, the application is accessible from any location around the world from any web browser. Both the employees and clients can securely process the data and information in a sophisticated manner. The entire data is stored on the company’s servers without the requirement for the separate server for the organizations. Moreover, the updates and modifications to the system are accommodated within the application really easily without installation of updates. Each person is subject to get the latest information.

project management softwareOrganization Demanded Installation

Some organizations do not want their employees to access the data from outside the premises of the organization so the version for installing the application on the personal computers allocated to the employees in the companies. The company is then provided with the installer and with easy installation setup the application can be made ready for the company’s needs. All the files and databases are stored in the company’s systems also overcoming the need for hi-tech servers and other hardware resources. Any operating system can be supported with the application so it does not require the company to work in ancient timed environment.

Integration with Bookkeeping Application

The TimeLive application is integrated with the leading project management application QuickBooks in order to communicate the information between the applications. The time and expense tracking modules are integrated in such a way that after the storage of the information the data can be transferred to QuickBooks in order to bill the clients. The transfer of employee information is in both directions so one can use the information in TimeLive as well as QuickBooks. After the completion of tasks, the time is transferred to the QuickBooks only in one direction. Project management is really become a simple job these days.

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